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Northern Cable (Sudbury) Edition

December 13-19, 1997

Cable and Broadcast Stations
[2]-"2" TVOntario
[3]-"5" Global
[4]-"4" CTV (MCTV) CICI
[6] ONTV
[7]-"10"-(TVO) Tele. Francaise Ontario
[8]-"8" CBC (MCTV) CKNC Sudbury
[10] The Box
[11]-"17"-(V) Vision TV
[12]-"13" SRC Radio Canada CBLF
[14]-"14"-(NW) CBC Newsworld
[16]-"16"-(YTV) Youth Channel
[17]-"3"-"20" ABC WGTQ Traverse City, Mi.
[18]-"9" CBS WWUP Sault Ste. Marie
[19]-"21" PBS WTVS Detroit
[20]-"11" NBC WDIV Detroit
[23]-(N1) CTV News 1
[24]-"24"-(RDI) Reseau d'information
[25]-(TV5) TV5
[26]-"23" TVA CHOT Hull
[27]-"22"-(QS) Quatre Saisons
[31]-"31"-(TLC) The Learning Channel
[32]-"32"-(CNN) Cable News Network
[33]-"33"-(TSN) The Sports Network
[34]-(WTN) Women's TV Network
[35]-"35"-(TNN) The Nashville Network
[36]-"34"-(A&E) Arts & Entertainment
[37]-"36"-(MM) MuchMusic
[38]-(SHO) Showcase
[40]-(BVO) Bravo!
[41]-"39"-(LIF) life Network
[42] Country Music Television
[43]-"40" Fox WUHF Rochester
[44]-"37"-(DIS) The Discovery Channel
[45]-(TEL) Teletoon
[46]-(COM) Comedy Network
[47]-(HIS) History Television
[48]-(OLN) Outdoor Life Network
[49] The Shopping Channel
[50]-"50"-(FAM) Family Channel
[56]-"27"-(TBS) WTBS Atlanta
(WTOL) CBS Toledo
(WXYZ) ABC Detroit
Pay Stations
[28]-"28"-(WGN) WGN Chicago
[29]-"29"-(TLA) KTLA Los Angeles
[51]-"51"-(MN) The Movie Network-1
[55] (PIX) MoviePix
[57]-"26"-(SBK) WSBK Boston
(WPX) WPIX New York
(SE) Super Ecran

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