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Western Ontario Edition

February 14-20, 1998

Canadian Channels
[6] Global Paris, Ont.
[8] CKNX Wingham
[9] CBET (CBC) Windsor
[10] CFPL London
[11] ONTV (CHCH) Hamilton
[13] CKCO (CTV) Kitchener
[16] CHWI Windsor
(TVO) TVOntario London
[22] Global Windsor
[29] Global Chatham/Sarnia
[31] CITY Woodstock
"40" CBLN (CBC) London
[42] CKCO (CTV) Chatham/Sarnia
[47] CFMT Toronto
[53] CBLFT (SRC) London
[54] CBEFT (SRC) Windsor
[57] CITY Toronto
(TVO) is available off-air on 18 London, 32 Chatham, 59 Sarnia.
"40" is available off-air on 20 Owen Sound, 34 Sarnia, 45 Wingham,
56 Kitchener, 64 Chatham.
[47] is available off-air on 69 Chatham and St. Marys.
U.S. Channels
"2" WJBK (Fox) Detroit
"3" WKYC (NBC) Cleveland
"4" WDIV (NBC) Detroit
"5" WEWS (ABC) Cleveland
"7" WXYZ (ABC) Detroit
"8" WJW (Fox) Cleveland
"11" WTOL (CBS) Cleveland
"12" WICU (NBC) Erie
"13" WTVG (ABC) Toledo (prime-time grids only)
"19" WOIO (CBS) Cleveland
"20" WDWB Detroit
"24" WJET (ABC) Erie
[2/4] WNWO (NBC) Toledo (prime-time grids only)
"29" WUTV (Fox) Buffalo
"35" WSEE (CBS) Erie
"43" WUAB Cleveland
"50" WKBD Detroit
"54" WQLN (PBS) Erie
"56" WTVS (PBS) Detroit
"62" WWJ (CBS) Detroit
Cable and Pay Channels
(A&E) Arts & Entertainment (New York)
(BET) Black Entertainment Television
(BVO) Bravo! (Toronto)
(CNB) CNBC (prime-time grids only)
(CNN) Cable News Network (Atlanta) (prime-time grids only)
(COM) Comedy Network
(DIS) The Discovery Channel (Toronto)
(FAM) Family Channel (Toronto)
(FN) Food Network
(GLF) Golf Network
(H&G) Home and Garden Television
(HIS) History Channel
(HS) Headline Sports (Toronto)
(LIF) life network (Toronto)
(MM) MuchMusic (Toronto)
(MN) The Movie Network (Toronto)
(N1) CTV News 1
(NW) CBC Newsworld (Toronto)
(OLN) Outdoor Life Network
(PIX) MoviePix (Toronto) (prime-time grids only)
(PRI) Prime TV
(SBK) WSBK (Boston)
(SHO) Showcase (Toronto)
(SPC) Space: The Imagination Station
(SV) Speedvision
(TBS) WTBS (Atlanta)
(TEL) Teletoon
(TFO) La chaine francaise (Toronto)
(TLA) KTLA (Los Angeles)
(TLC) The Learning Channel (Bethesda)
(TNN) The Nashville Network (Nashville)
(TRE) Treehouse (Toronto)
(TSN) The Sports Network (Toronto)
(V) Vision TV (Toronto)
(WGN) WGN (Chicago)
(WTN) Women's Television Network (Toronto)
(YTV) Youth Channel (Toronto)

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Page Last Updated: March 16, 1998