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Comcast Hartford Digital Edition

May 23-29, 2004

"2" WCBS (CBS) New York City
[3] WFSB (CBS) Hartford
"4" WNBC (NBC) New York City
"5" WNYW (Fox) New York City
"7" WABC (ABC) New York City
[8] WTNH (ABC) New Haven
"9" WWOR (UPN) New York City
"11" WPIX (WB) New York City
"13" WNET (PBS) New York City
[18] WUVN (UNI) Hartford
[20] WTXX (WB) Waterbury
[22] WWLP (NBC) Springfield, MA
[26] WHPX (PAX) New London
[30] WVIT (NBC) New Britain
[38] WSBK (UPN) Boston (prime-time grids only)
[40] WGGB (ABC) Springfield, MA (prime-time grids only)
[57] WGBY (PBS) Springfield, MA
[59] WCTX (UPN) New Haven
[61] WTIC (Fox) Hartford
[CPTV] Connecticut Public Television
(A&E) A&E Network
(FAM) ABC Family
(APL) Animal Planet (prime-time grids only)
(CNN) Cable News Network
(CAR) Cartoon Network (prime-time grids only)
(MAX) Cinemax
(CN8) CN8 (prime-time grids only)
(COM) Comedy Central
(CRT) Court TV (prime-time grids only)
(DSC) Discovery Channel
(DIS) Disney Channel
(E!) E! Entertainment Television
(ENC) Encore
(ES2) ESPN 2
(TVF) Food Network
(FNC) Fox News Channel
(FSN) Fox Sports Net
(HAL) Hallmark Channel
(HIS) The History Channel
(H&G) Home and Garden Television
(LIF) Lifetime
(MSG) Madison Square Garden Network
(TMC) The Movie Channel
(NECN) New England Cable News (prime-time grids only)
(NESN) New England Sports Network
(NIK) Nickelodeon
(OXY) Oxygen (prime-time grids only)
(SCI) Sci-Fi Channel
(SHO) Showtime
(SPK) Spike TV
(STZ) Starz!
(TBS) TBS SuperStation
(TRV) Travel Channel (prime-time grids only)
(TNT) Turner Network Television
(TVG) The TV Guide Channel (prime-time grids only)
(TVL) TV Land
(USA) USA Network
(VH1) VH1
(WB) The WB Network (prime-time grids only)
(YES) YES Network
Digital Channels
(BBCA) BBC America (prime-time grids only)
(BIOG) Biography (prime-time grids only)
(BSTZ) Black Starz!
(BRV) Bravo
(DSCH) Discovery Health (prime-time grids only)
(HOME) Discovery Home Channel (prime-time grids only)
(DSCK) Discovery Kids (prime-time grids only)
(DTMS) Discovery Times Channel (prime-time grids only)
(DSCW) Discovery Wings (prime-time grids only)
(ACTN) Encore: Action
(LOVE) Encore: Love Stories
(MYST) Encore: Mystery
(TRUE) Encore: True Stories
(WEST) Encore: Westerns
(ECL) ESPN Classic (prime-time grids only)
(FIT) FitTV (prime-time grids only)
(FMC) Fox Movie Channel (prime-time grids only)
(FSW) Fox Sports World (prime-time grids only)
(GLF) The Golf Channel (prime-time grids only)
(GSN) GSN (prime-time grids only)
(HBO2) HBO 2
(HBOF) HBO Family
(HBOS) HBO Signature
(HISI) History International (prime-time grids only)
(IFC) Independent Film Channel
(LMN) Lifetime Movie Network
(MMX) MoreMax
(TMCX) The Movie Channel xtra
(NGAS) Nickelodeon Games and Sports (prime-time grids only)
(NOG) Noggin (prime-time grids only)
(OC) Outdoor Channel (prime-time grids only)
(OLN) Outdoor Life Network (prime-time grids only)
(SCIC) The Science Channel (prime-time grids only)
(EXTR) Showtime Extreme
(SHOC) Showtime Showcase
(SHO2) Showtime Too
(SPD) The Speed Channel (prime-time grids only)
(STT) Starz! Theater
(STY) Style (prime-time grids only)
(SUND) Sundance Channel
(TCM) Turner Classic Movies
(TD) Toon Disney (prime-time grids only)
(WE) Women's Entertainment (prime-time grids only)

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Page Last Updated: June 14, 2004