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North Texas Edition

March 23-29, 1974

[4] KDFW-TV (CBS) Dallas
[8] WFAA-TV (ABC) Dallas
[13] KERA-TV (PBS) Dallas
[39] KXTX-TV (Ind.) Dallas
[5] WBAP-TV (NBC) Fort Worth
[11] KTVT-TV (Ind.) Fort Worth
[7] KLTV (NBC/ABC/CBS) Tyler
"3" KFDX-TV (NBC) Wichita Falls
"6" KAUZ-TV (CBS) Wichita Falls
"7" KSWO-TV (ABC) Lawton/Wichita Falls
[6] KCEN-TV (NBC/ABC) Temple-Waco
[10] KWTX-TV (CBS/ABC) Waco
"12" KXII-TV (NBC) Ardmore-Sherman-Denison
[9] KRBC-TV (NBC) Abilene
[12] KTXS-TV (ABC/CBS) Sweetwater-Abilene

October 11-17, 1997

Broadcast Stations
[6] KCEN (NBC) Waco/Temple
[10] KWTX (CBS) Waco/Temple
[25] KXXV (ABC) Waco/Temple
[34] KCTF (PBS) Waco/Temple
[44] KWKT (Fox) Waco/Temple
[46] KNCT (PBS) Waco/Temple
[62] KAKW (UPN/WB) Waco/Temple
[4] KDFW (Fox) Dallas/Ft. Worth
[5] KXAS (NBC) Dallas/Ft. Worth
[8] WFAA (ABC) Dallas/Ft. Worth
[11] KTVT (CBS) Dallas/Ft. Worth
[13] KERA (PBS) Dallas/Ft. Worth
[21] KTXA (UPN) Dallas/Ft. Worth
[27] KDFI (Ind.) Dallas/Ft. Worth
[33] KDAF (WB) Dallas/Ft. Worth
[39] KXTX (Ind.) Dallas/Ft. Worth
"=6=" KIDY (Fox) San Angelo
"8" KLST (CBS) San Angelo
"3" KFDX (NBC) Wichita Falls/Lawton, Ok.
"6" KAUZ (CBS) Wichita Falls/Lawton, Ok.
"7" KSWO (ABC) Wichita Falls/Lawton, Ok.
"18" KJTL (Fox) Wichita Falls/Lawton, Ok.
[7] KLTV (ABC) Tyler/Longview
[9] KRBC (NBC) Abilene/Sweetwater
[12] KTXS (ABC) Abilene/Sweetwater
[32] KTAB (CBS/UPN) Abilene/Sweetwater
[54] KIDZ (Fox) Abilene/Sweetwater
"10" KTEN (NBC/ABC/Fox) Sherman/Ada, Ok.
"12" KXII (CBS) Sherman/Ada, Ok.
Satellites and their originating stations:
For programs on 3 San Angelo, see [9]; on 24 Wichita Falls, see [13].
Not listed in this edition: Ch. 35 (UPN) Wichita Falls
Cable TV
(A&E) A&E Network
(AMC) American Movie Classics
(CNN) Cable News Network
(DIS) The Disney Channel
(DSC) The Discovery Channel
(FAM) The Family Channel
(FNC) Fox News Channel
(FSS) Fox Sports Southwest
(HBO) Home Box Office
(HIS) The History Channel
(LIF) Lifetime
(MAX) Cinemax
(MTV) Music Television
(NIK) Nickelodeon
(SCI) Sci-Fi Channel
(SHO) Showtime
(TBS) TBS SuperStation
(TLC) The Learning Channels
(TMC) The Movie Channel
(TNN) The Nashville Network
(TNT) Turner Network Television
(UNI) Univision
(USA) USA Network
(WGN) WGN (Chicago; WB)

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