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San Francisco County Edition

May 18-24, 2002

[2] KTVU (Fox) Oakland
[4] KRON (Ind.) San Francisco
[5] KPIX (CBS) San Francisco
[7] KGO (ABC) San Francisco
[9] KQED (PBS) San Francisco
[11]-(3) KNTV (NBC) San Jose
[14] KDTV (UNI) San Francisco
[20]-(13) KBWB (WB) San Francisco
[26]-(8) KTSF (Ind.) San Francisco
[32] KMTP (Ind.) San Francisco (prime-time grids only)
[36]-(6) KICU (Ind.) San Jose
[44]-(12) KBHK (UPN) San Francisco
[48]-(18) KSTS (TEL) San Jose
[54]-(10) KTEH (PBS) San Jose
[60]-(17) KCSM (PBS) San Mateo
[65]-(16) KKPX (PAX) San Jose
[66]-(20) KFSF (TF) San Francisco (prime-time grids only)
(A&E)-(47) A&E Network
(AMC)-(49) American Movie Classics
(APL) Animal Planet
(BBC)-(162) BBC America (prime-time grids only)
(BET)-(52) Black Entertainment Television
(BRV)-(48) Bravo
(CNB) CNBC (5A-5P)
(CNN)-(50) Cable News Network
(COM)-(53) Comedy Central (5P-5A)
(CSP) C-SPAN (not in prime-time grids)
(DIS)-(39) Disney Channel
(DSC)-(15) Discovery Channel
(DSCK)-(121) Discovery Kids (prime-time grids only)
(E!)-(34) E! Entertainment Television
(ECL)-(407) ESPN Classic (prime-time grids only)
(ENC)-(518) Encore
(ESN)-(38) ESPN
(FNC) Fox News Channel
(FSE)-(401) Fox Sports World Espanol (prime-time grids only)
(FSN)-(40) Fox Sports Net
(FX)-(36) FX
(GLF)-(405) The Golf Channel
(GSN)-(161) Game Show Network (prime-time grids only)
(H&G)-(203) Home & Garden Television
(HBO)-(33) HBO
(HBOF)-(557) HBO Family
(HBO2)-(553) HBO 2
(HBOS)-(555) HBO Signature
(HIS)-(277) The History Channel
(IFC)-(503) Independent Film Channel
(IN)-(801) In Demand (prime-time grids only)
(IN2)-(802) In Demand 2 (prime-time grids only)
(IN6)-(806) In Demand 6 (prime-time grids only)
(LIF)-(46) Lifetime
(MAX)-(561) Cinemax
(MMX)-(565) MoreMax (prime-time grids only)
(MSN)-(25) MSNBC
(MTV)-(43) MTV
(NIK)-(45) Nickelodeon
(NOG)-(120) Noggin (prime-time grids only)
(OLN)-(404) Outdoor Life Network (prime-time grids only)
(QVC)-(11) QVC
(SCI)-(54) Sci-Fi Channel
(SCIC)-(272) The Science Channel
(SH2)-(578) Showtime Too (prime-time grids only)
(SHC)-(580) Showtime Showcase (prime-time grids only)
(SHO)-(24) Showtime
(STZ)-(534) Starz!
(TBS)-(41) TBS SuperStation
(TCM)-(501) Turner Classic Movies
(TMC)-(591) The Movie Channel
(TMX)-(593) The Movie Channel xtra (prime-time grids only)
(TNT)-(37) Turner Network Television
(TVF)-(35) Food Network
(TVG)-(30) The TV Guide Channel
(TVL)-(163) TV Land
(USA)-(42) USA Network
(VH1)-(44) VH1
(WE)-(502) Women's Entertainment (prime-time grids only)
Note: The cable channel numbers shown above appear only in the prime-time grids.
Note: Incorporated into San Francisco Metropolitan Edition in January 2004.

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Page Last Updated: January 13, 2004