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Montreal-St. Lawrence Edition

July 3-9, 1976

[2] CBFT (R.-C.) Montreal, Quebec
[6] CBMT (CBC) Montreal, Quebec
[10] CFTM-TV (TVA) Montreal, Quebec
[12] CFCF-TV (CTV) Montreal, Quebec
[17] CIVM-TV (R.-Q.) Montreal, Quebec
[7] CHLT-TV (TVA) Sherbrooke
"9" CKSH-TV (R.-C.) Sherbrooke
"13" CKTM-TV (R.-C.) Trios-Rivieres
[30] CFVO (TVA) Hull
[5] CHOV (CBC) Pembroke
[4] CBOT (CBC) Ottawa, Ontario
[=6=] (Global) Ottawa, Ontario
[9] CBOFT (R.-C.) Ottawa, Ontario
[13] CJOH-TV (CTV) Ottawa, Ontario
[24] (TVO) Ottawa, Ontario
[11] CKWS-TV Kingston
"2" (Global) Bancroft
"3" WCAX-TV (CBS) Burlington, Vermont
[2/2] WEZF-TV (ABC) Burlington, Vermont
[3/3] WETK (PBS) Burlington, Vermont
"5" WPTZ (NBC) Plattsburgh, New York
"8" WMTW (ABC) Poland Spring, Maine
[/3/] WSYR-TV (NBC) Syracuse
[/5/] WHEN-TV (CBS) Syracuse
[/9/] WNYS-TV (ABC) Syracuse
[/7/] WWNY-TV (ABC/CBS/NBC) Watertown
[1/6] WNPE-TV (PBS) Watertown
For programs on 6 Deseronto, 8 Cornwall, see [13];
on 18 Norwood, see [1/6]
Note: Edition replaced by Montreal-Quebec edition of Canadian TV Guide.

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