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Southern Alabama Edition

September 21-27, 1974

[12] WSFA-TV (NBC) Montgomery, Ala.
[20] WCOV-TV (CBS) Montgomery, Ala.
[26] WAIQ (PBS) Montgomery, Ala.
[32] WKAB-TV (ABC) Montgomery, Ala.
"2" WDIQ (PBS) Dozier
"4" WTVY (CBS) Dothan
"18" WDHN (ABC) Dothan
"8" WSLA-TV (CBS) Selma
"43" WGIQ (PBS) Texasville
"3" WRBL-TV (CBS) Columbus, Ga.
"9" WTVM (ABC) Columbus, Ga.
"38" WYEA-TV (NBC) Columbus, Ga.
"7" WJHG-TV (ABC) Panama City, Fla.
"13" WDTB-TV (NBC) Panama City, Fla.

March 23-29, 1996

Broadcast Stations
[8] WAKA (CBS) Montgomery
[12] WSFA (NBC) Montgomery
[20] WCOV (Fox) Montgomery
[26] WAIQ (PBS) Montgomery
[32] WHOA (ABC) Montgomery
"2" WDIQ (PBS) Dozier
"4" WTVY (CBS) Dothan
"18" WDHN (ABC) Dothan
"43" WGIQ (PBS) Louisville
"34" WDFX (Fox) Ozark
"3" WRBL (CBS) Columbus
"9" WTVM (ABC) Columbus
"38" WLTZ (NBC) Columbus
"54" WXTK (Fox/UPN) Columbus
"7" WJHG (NBC) Panama City
"13" WMBB (ABC) Panama City
"28" WPGX (Fox) Panama City
Not listed in this edition:  WMCF, Channel 45, Montgomery;
WSWS, Channel 66, Opelika (both religious programming)
Cable TV
(A&E) A&E Network
(AMC) American Movie Classics
(BET) Black Entertainment Television
(CNB) CNBC (prime-time listings only)
(CNN) Cable News Network
(DIS) The Disney Channel
(DSC) The Discovery Channel
(ENC) Encore
(FAM) The Family Channel
(HBO) Home Box Office
(LIF) Lifetime
(MAX) Cinemax
(MTV) Music Television
(NIK) Nickelodeon
(SHO) Showtime
(SS) SportSouth Network
(TBS) TBS SuperStation
(TMC) The Movie Channel (prime-time grids only)
(TNN) The Nashville Network
(TNT) Turner Network Television
(USA) USA Network
(WGN) WGN (Chicago; WB)
(WOR) WWOR (New York; Ind.)

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