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Comcast Northern California Edition

October 4-10, 1997

Comcast Cable Edition

Broadcast Stations
[3] KCRA (NBC) Sacramento
[6] KVIE (PBS) Sacramento
[10] KXTV (ABC) Sacramento
[31]-(12) KPWB (WB) Sacramento
[40]-(8) KTXL (Fox) Sacramento
[13] KOVR (CBS) Sacramento-Stockton
[58]-(4) KQCA (UPN) Sacramento-Stockton
[19]-(5) KUVS (UNI) Modesto
[42] KTNC (Ind.) Concord
Not listed in this edition:  KCMY, Ch. 29, Sacramento, infomercials;
KFTL, Ch. 64, Stockton, home shopping, Asian-language, and religious programs.
Cable TV
(A&E)-(27) A&E Network
(AMC)-(52) American Movie Classics
(BET)-(46) Black Entertainment Television
(BRV)-(53) Bravo
(CAR)-(37) Cartoon Network
(CNB)-(23) CNBC
(CNN)-(9) Cable News Network
(COM)-(38) Comedy Central
(CSP)-(47) C-SPAN
(DIS)-(56) The Disney Channel
(DSC)-(26) The Discovery Channel
(E!)-(39) E! Entertainment Television
(ENC)-(57) Encore
(ESN)-(15) ESPN
(ES2)-(16) ESPN2
(FAM)-(35) The Family Channel
(FNC)-(22) Fox News Channel
(FX)-(32) fX
(GAL)-(51) Galavision
(GLF)-(18) The Golf Channel
(H&G)-(30) Home & Garden Television
(HBO)-(59) Home Box Office
(HB2)-(60) Home Box Office 2
(HB3)-(61) Home Box Office 3
(HIS)-(24) The History Channel
(IFC)-(54) Independent Film Channel
(LIF)-(34) Lifetime
(MAX)-(63) Cinemax
(MTV)-(41) Music Television
(NIK)-(36) Nickelodeon
(SC)-(17) SportsChannel Pacific
(SCI)-(31) Sci-Fi Channel
(SHO)-(62) Showtime
(SND)-(55) Sundance Film Channel
(TBS)-(70) TBS SuperStation
(TCM)-(58) Turner Classic Movies
(TLC)-(25) The Learning Channel
(TMC)-(64) The Movie Channel
(TNN)-(44) The Nashville Network
(TNT)-(11) Turner Network Television
(USA)-(33) USA Network
(VH1)-(40) VH1
(WGN)-(76) WGN (Chicago; WB)
Pay-Per-View Channels (listed in grids only)
(ACT)-(69) Action
(LNC)-(69) Late Night Cinema
(PLA)-(68) Playboy TV (also available as a premium service)
(VC4)-(65) Viewer's Choice 4
(VC5)-(66) Viewer's Choice 5
(VC)-(67) Viewer's Choice

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