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Los Angeles Digital Edition

April 20-26, 2002

[2] KCBS (CBS) Los Angeles
[4] KNBC (NBC) Los Angeles
[5] KTLA (WB) Los Angeles
[7] KABC (ABC) Los Angeles
[9] KCAL (Ind.) Los Angeles
[11] KTTV (Fox) Los Angeles
[13] KCOP (UPN) Los Angeles
[18] KSCI (Ind.) Los Angeles
[22] KWHY (Ind.) Los Angeles
[28] KCET (PBS) Los Angeles
[30] KPXN (PAX) Los Angeles
[34] KMEX (UNI) Los Angeles
[40] KTBN (TBN) Los Angeles
[50] KOCE (PBS) Huntington Beach
[52] KVEA (TEL) Los Angeles
[56] KDOC (Ind.) Anaheim
[57] KJLA (Ind.) Ventura (prime-time grids only)
[58] KLCS (PBS) Los Angeles
(A&E) A&E Network
(FAM) ABC Family
(AMC) American Movie Classics
(APL) Animal Planet
(BET) Black Entertainment Television
(BRV) Bravo
(CNN) Cable News Network
(CAR) Cartoon Network
(COM) Comedy Central
(CRT) Court TV
(DSC) Discovery Channel
(DIS) Disney Channel
(E!) E! Entertainment Television
(ES2) ESPN 2
(TVF) Food Network
(FNC) Fox News Channel
(FSN) Fox Sports Net
(FS2) Fox Sports Net 2
(GLF) The Golf Channel (prime-time grids only)
(HIS) The History Channel
(H&G) Home & Garden Television
(LIF) Lifetime
(MTV) Music Television
(TNN) The National Network
(NIK) Nickelodeon
(SCI) Sci-Fi Channel
(TBS) TBS SuperStation
(TCM) Turner Classic Movies
(TNT) Turner Network Television
(TVG) The TV Guide Channel
(TVL) TV Land
(USA) USA Network
(VH1) VH1
(WGN) WGN (Chicago)
(AMAX)-(422) ActionMax
(BBCA)-(243) BBC America (prime-time grids only)
(BIOG)-(129) Biography Channel (prime-time grids only)
(BSTZ)-(484) Black Starz!
(MAX)-(420) Cinemax
(DSCH)-(123) Discovery Health (prime-time grids only)
(DSCK)-(122) Discovery Kids (prime-time grids only)
(ENC)-(300) Encore
(ACTN)-(305) Encore Action
(LOVE)-(307) Encore Love Stories
(TRUE)-(306) Encore True Stories
(WAM!)-(302) Encore Wam
(WEST)-(303) Encore Westerns
(MYST)-(304) Encore Mystery
(ECL)-(323) ESPN Classic (prime-time grids only)
(FLIX)-(312) Flix
(FMC)-(310) Fox Movie Channel (prime-time grids only)
(FSW)-(203) Fox Sports World (prime-time grids only)
(GV)-(505) Galavision (prime-time grids only)
(GSN)-(245) Game Show Network (prime-time grids only)
(HBO)-(400) HBO
(HBOC)-(404) HBO Comedy
(HBOF)-(403) HBO Family
(HBOL)-(406) HBO Latino
(HBO2)-(401) HBO 2
(HBOS)-(402) HBO Signature
(HBOZ)-(405) HBO Zone
(HISI)-(128) History International (prime-time grids only)
(IFC)-(308) Independent Film Channel (prime-time grids only)
(LMN)-(311) Lifetime Movie Network (prime-time grids only)
(MMX)-(421) MoreMax
(TMC)-(460) The Movie Channel
(TMCX)-(461) The Movie Channel xtra
(MUN)-(506) Mun2 (prime-time grids only)
(NGEO)-(127) National Geographic Channel (prime-time grids only)
(NGAS)-(283) Nickelodeon Games and Sports (prime-time grids only)
(NOG)-(284) Noggin (prime-time grids only)
(OLN)-(201) Outdoor Life Network (prime-time grids only)
(SCIC)-(120) The Science Channel (prime-time grids only)
(SHO)-(440) Showtime
(SHOB)-(444) Showtime Beyond
(EXTR)-(443) Showtime Extreme
(SHOC)-(442) Showtime Showcase
(SPD)-(200) The Speed Channel (prime-time grids only)
(STZ)-(480) Starz!
(STZC)-(483) Starz! Cinema
(STZF)-(482) Starz! Family
(STT)-(481) Starz! Theater
(STY)-(241) Style (prime-time grids only)
(SUND)-(309) Sundance
(TMAX)-(423) ThrillerMax
(TD)-(280) Toon Disney (prime-time grids only)
Other broadcast stations listed in conversion chart:
   KXLA (Ind.) Ch. 44 Los Angeles
   KFTR (TF) Ch. 46 Los Angeles
   KAZA (Ind.) Ch. 54 Los Angeles
   KRCA (Ind.) Ch. 62 Los Angeles

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