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DirecTV Mountain Edition

September 13-19, 1997

USSB Mountain Edition

USSB Channels
[910]-[HBO] Home Box Office East
[911]-[HBO2] Home Box Office 2 East
[912]-[HBO3] Home Box Office 3 East
[913]-[HBOW] Home Box Office West
[914]-[HB2W] Home Box Office 2 West
[916]-[HBOF] Home Box Office Family
[917]-[HBFW] Home Box Office Family West
[920]-[SHO] Showtime East
[921]-[SHO2] Showtime 2
[922]-[SHO3] Showtime 3
[923]-[SHOW] Showtime West
[929]-[FLIX] Flix
[930]-[MAX] Cinemax East
[931]-[MAX2] Cinemax 2
[932]-[MAXW] Cinemax West
[940]-[TMC] The Movie Channel East
[941]-[TMCW] The Movie Channel West
[945]-[SUND] The Sundance Channel
[960]-[TVLD] TV Land
[961]-[NIK] Nickelodeon
[962]-[LIF] Lifetime
[963]-[ANC] All News Channel
[964]-[COM] Comedy Central
[965]-[VH1] VH1
[966]-[MTV] Music Television
Other DSS Channels
(202)-(CNN) Cable News Network
(203)-(CRT) Court TV
(206)-(ESPN) ESPN
(207)-(ESP2) ESPN2
(212)-(TNT) Turner Network Television
(213)-(HSN) Home Shopping Network
(214)-(HGTV) Home & Garden Television
(215)-(TVF) TV Food Network
(217)-(E!) E! Entertainment Television
(220)-(AMC) American Movie Classics
(221)-(TCM) Turner Classic Movies
(222)-(ROM) Romance Classics
(225)-(STZ) Starz! East
(226)-(STZW) Starz! West
(227)-(STZ2) Starz! 2 East
(228)-(ST2W) Starz! 2 West
(230)-(ENC) Encore
(231)-(ENCW) Encore West
(232)-(LOVE) Encore 2: Love Stories
(233)-(WEST) Encore 3: Westerns
(234)-(MYST) Encore 4: Mysteries
(235)-(ACTN) Encore 5: Action
(236)-(TRUE) Encore 6: True Stories/Drama
(237)-(WAM!) Encore 7: WAM!
(238)-(BRAV) Bravo
(239)-(IFC) Independent Film Channel
(240)-(A&E) A&E Network
(241)-(HIST) The History Channel
(242)-(DIS) The Disney Channel
(243)-(DISW) The Disney Channel West
(245)-(DSC) The Discovery Channel
(246)-(TLC) The Learning Channel
(247)-(CAR) Cartoon Network
(248)-(AP) Animal Planet
(253)-(USA) USA Network
(254)-(SCI) Sci-Fi Channel
(256)-(WGN) WGN
(258)-(FAM) The Family Channel
(259)-(TBS) TBS SuperStation
(260)-(TRIO) Trio
(261)-(QVC) QVC Network
(262)-(TNN) The Nashville Network
(268)-(BET) Black Entertainment Television
(271)-(CSP) C-SPAN
(275)-(CNBC) CNBC
(276)-(MSN) MSNBC
(278)-(FNC) Fox News Channel
(279)-(NWI) Newsworld International
(281)-(CNNI) Cable News Network Int'l
(283)-(ERTH) Channel Earth
(286)-(TBN) Trinity Broadcasting Network
(289)-(AHN) America's Health Network
(290)-(CBS) CBS (WRAL Raleigh, NC) (listed in grids only)
(291)-(CBSW) CBS West (KPIX San Francisco)
(292)-(NBC) NBC (WNBC New York) (listed in grids only)
(293)-(NBCW) NBC West (KNBC Los Angeles)
(294)-(PBS) PBS
(295)-(ABC) ABC (WJLA Washington, D.C.) (listed in grids only)
(296)-(ABCW) ABC West (KOMO Seattle)
(297)-(FOX) FoxNet
(304)-(GOLF) The Golf Channel
(305)-(CSN) Classic Sports Network
(306)-(SV) SpeedVision
(307)-(OL) Outdoor Life
(326)-(FSRM) Fox Sports Rocky Mountain
(327)-(FSM) Fox Sports Midwest
(329)-(FSAZ) Fox Sports Arizona
(402)-(PLAY) Playboy TV

May 12-18, 2001

Mountain Satellite Edition

(265)-(A&E) A&E Network
(387)-(ABCW) ABC West (KABC Los Angeles)
(386)-(ABC) ABC (WABC New York) (listed in grids only)
(254)-(AMC) American Movie Classics
(282)-(APL) Animal Planet
(329)-(BET) Black Entertainment Television
[523]-[BSTZ] Black Starz!
(273)-(BRAV) Bravo
(202)-(CNN) Cable News Network
(296)-(CAR) Cartoon Network
(381)-(CBSW) CBS West (KCBS Los Angeles)
(380)-(CBS) CBS East (WCBS New York) (listed in grids only)
[512]-[MAX] Cinemax East
[514]-[MAXW] Cinemax West
(355)-(CNBC) CNBC
(358)-(CNNI) CNNFN/CNN International
(249)-(COM) Comedy Central
(203)-(CRT) Court TV
(350)-(CSP) C-SPAN
(278)-(DSC) Discovery Channel
(313)-(DSCH) Discovery Health
(290)-(DIS) Disney Channel East
(291)-(DISW) Disney Channel West
(236)-(E!) E! Entertainment Television
[532]-[ACTN] Encore 5: Action
[528]-[LOVE] Encore 2: Love Stories
[530]-[MYST] Encore 4: Mysteries
[531]-[TRUE] Encore 6: True Stories/Drama
[533]-[WAM!] Encore 7: WAM!
[529]-[WEST] Encore 3: Westerns
[526]-[ENC] Encore East
[527]-[ENCW] Encore West
(206)-(ESPN) ESPN
(209)-(ESN2) ESPN 2
(208)-(ESCL) ESPN Classic
[547]-[FLIX] Flix
(231)-(FOOD) Food Network
(311)-(FAM) Fox Family Channel
(360)-(FNC) Fox News Channel
(649)-(FSNA) Fox Sports Net (Arizona)
(647)-(FSNM) Fox Sports Net (Midwest)
(645)-(FSNR) Fox Sports Net (Rocky Mtn.)
(389)-(FOXW) Fox West (KTTV Los Angeles)
(388)-(FOX) Fox East (WNYW New York) (listed in grids only)
(258)-(FMC) Fox Movie Channel
(605)-(GOLF) The Golf Channel
[501]-[HBO] HBO East
[504]-[HBOW] HBO West
[507]-[HBOF] HBO Family East
[508]-[HBFW] HBO Family West
[502]-[HBOP] HBO Plus East
[505]-[HBPW] HBO Plus West
[503]-[HBOS] HBO Signature
(368)-(HEAL) The Health Network
(269)-(HIST) The History Channel
(229)-(HGTV) Home & Garden Television
(240)-(HSN) Home Shopping Network
[550]-[IFC] Independent Film Channel
(280)-(TLC) The Learning Channel
(252)-(LIF) Lifetime
(253)-(LIFM) Lifetime Movie Network
[513]-[MMAX] MoreMax
[544]-[TMC] The Movie Channel East
[545]-[TMCW] The Movie Channel West
(356)-(MSN) MSNBC
(331)-(MTV) MTV
(325)-(TNN) The National Network
(383)-(NBCW) NBC West (KNBC Los Angeles)
(382)-(NBC) NBC East (WNBC New York) (listed in grids only)
(366)-(NWI) Newsworld International
(299)-(NIK) Nickelodeon East
(608)-(OLN) Outdoor Life Network
(255)-(PAX) PAX
(384)-(PBS) PBS
[595]-[PLAY] Playboy TV
(317)-(QVC) QVC
(244)-(SCI) Sci-Fi Channel
[537]-[SHO] Showtime East
[540]-[SHOW] Showtime West
[542]-[EXTR] Showtime Extreme
[538]-[SHO2] Showtime Too
[539]-[SHO3] Showtime 3
(607)-(SV) SpeedVision
[520]-[STZ] Starz! East
[521]-[STZW] Starz! West
[522]-[STZT] Starz! Theater East
[549]-[SUND] Sundance Channel
(247)-(TBS) TBS SuperStation
(372)-(TBN) Trinity Broadcasting Network
(315)-(TRIO) Trio
(256)-(TCM) Turner Classic Movies
(245)-(TNT) Turner Network Television
(301)-(TVLD) TV Land
(242)-(USA) USA Network
(370)-(VV) ValueVision
(335)-(VH1) VH1
(307)-(WGN) WGN
(260)-(WE) Women's Entertainment

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