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Oracularities from Digests 1300-1399


I wrote this answer in June 2003. Sorry, Red Sox fans.

The Internet Oracle has pondered your question deeply.
Your question was:

Oh Oracle wise and true, riddle me this:

Will the Red Sox ever win the World Series? Is this the year?

And in response, thus spake the Oracle:

} (Whoops!  I just discovered this question and answer had been in the
} Outlook Express outbox for the last 85 years.  Hey, when you answer as
} many questions as I do, something's bound to fall through the cracks.
} -- TIO)
} Yes, this will be another superb year for the Red Stockings (sorry, I
} don't like the new, somewhat vulgar shortened form of the name that you
} used), as they take the pennant of the American League, and then defeat
} the Cubs of the National League in the World Series.  Add that to their
} World Champion titles earlier in this decade, and they will be known
} throughout history as the Team of the 1910s.
} By the way, their good fortune may even continue into the Twenties.  I
} am very impressed with certain future prospects for the Red Stockings.
} Keep an eye on one player in particular, a George H. Ruth.  He is a
} very good pitcher, but he is also an exceptionally good hitter, such
} that the team may have to make him a position player so that he can hit
} every day.  If they do that, I think he could hit as many as 30 home
} runs in a single season!  Needless to say, I predict that the Red
} Stockings will dominate the major leagues for as long as Mr. Ruth plays
} for the team.
} You owe the Oracle tickets to all future Red Stockings-Cubs World
} Series.

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Page Last Updated: May 1, 2004