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Episode Guide

Shows aired on WNUR-FM (89.3) Evanston-Chicago.

Time slot: Early Saturday 2:00-3:00 AM (extended to 3:30 AM as of episode 9)

Regulars (in alphabetical order)

Kari Bowser...Various Characters
Jim Ellwanger...Fred James
Lucas Hackett...Johnny Angelo; Agnew R. Durrows
Vince Laconte...Adrien Creamsicle
Jeremy Morse...Fig
Aaron Odland...Blindy
Mike Sturgess...Gunnar

Also Starring

Stacey Shintani...Alanis (episodes 22-27)
Lenina Ulrey...Alanis (episodes 1-21)

Also Appearing

Susan Burkhardt
Tim Hackett
Jason Kaifesh
Darian Lindle
Nate Vanek
Susan Yudt

The Classic Twenty-Six Plus One and a Half

Episode Zero 9/23/95
Traveling salesman promotes a new radio show
Episode One..."Here Come the Complacents" 9/30/95
The Complacents: Talent agent Adrien Creamsicle, in debt to Flaming Highway Records, forms a new band. He finds Johnny Angelo on an Arkansas farm, Gunnar in the jungle, and Fig in the big city of California. Fred James joins the band by accidentally signing their contract. Song: "Easy as P-I-E"
The Curtain: Curtis Hambones, formerly a laughingstock of a superhero as The Straightedge, becomes The Curtain with the help of his girlfriend Debbie Duncan. The Curtain battles Dr. Nightmare as he hassles street vendors in Manhattan.
Episode Two..."The Complacents vs. Swami Salami" 10/7/95
The Complacents: On a mission to buy maracas, Fig purchases a powerful ruby ring. The evil Swami Salami wants it, however, and battles the Complacents...going so far as to steal the Complacents' demo tape, which is desperately needed to save Adrien's job. Fig saves the day, casting Swami Salami into a bottomless pit, but the demo tape is gone. Fortunately, there's just enough time to record a new demo tape. Song: "Swami Salami"
The Curtain: The Curtain battles Seamripper and Dark Bucky with the help of Mini-Blinds (in reality, his girlfriend Debbie Duncan). Dr. Nightmare announces that the Brotherhood of Latter-Day Fiends and Antiheroes is going to blow up the World Trade Center.
McDonald's Commercial: Sticking it to those annoying football fans.
Episode Three..."Friday Johnny's in Love" 10/14/95
The Complacents: Johnny's on a quest to find some action, Fig is locked in the soundproof booth in the studio, and Adrien Creamsicle has a new secretary--Alanis. Johnny falls in love, and wants to record love songs, to Gunnar's dismay. Adrien fires Alanis, and then realizes he needs her back. Johnny brings his new love Michelle into the studio, to Gunnar's further dismay. Song: "Corduroy Jeans"
The Curtain: Dr. Nightmare and his lackeys capture The Curtain and Mini-Blinds and prepare to destroy the World Trade Center. Fortunately, the Major League Supercrimebusters show up at the last minute.
Travel PSA: Don't mistake train stations for airports.
Five Dollars: The game show where contestants look for a bargain.
Episode Four..."Complacents Hope" 10/21/95
The Complacents: Fig's out of the booth, and has last week's plot recapped to him; Michelle has her own ideas about the Complacents' music, most of them involving more Johnny and less Gunnar and Fig. Johnny and Gunnar fight and end up in the hospital, in the same room as Fig, who has tied himself into a Mobius strip. When Adrien visits, Johnny and Gunnar continue to fight. However, an attractive nurse makes Johnny forget all about Michelle. In surgery to have a kidney transplant, Gunnar befriends the young donor, and promises a Complacents concert in the children's ward. Song: "(Come On, Little Kids) You Can Do It"
The Curtain: The Curtain becomes a member of the Major League Supercrimebusters, but is revealed to have been dismissed from the group as The Straightedge. Suddenly, the Brotherhood of Fiends and Latter-Day Antiheroes attack, and Curtis has a plan.
Tomfoolery's Commercial: The Complacents cast takes on radio commercials for happening nightspots.
Preempted 10/28/95
Episode Five..."Battle of the Bands" 11/4/95
Man on the Street: What did the average man on the street think of last week's "Complacents"?
The Complacents: All the kids liked the Complacents' song in the children's ward, but a member of Tae Kwon Don't challenges them to enter the Battle of the Bands, with its first prize, a chance to appear on the Fox Network's "Too Something." The Complacents have separate encounters with members of Tae Kwon Don't, all of whom have bones to pick with the Complacents. Both bands perform, but Tae Kwon Don't wins. However, the Complacents get revenge when Fred's title is picked as the winner in the "Rename 'Too Something'" contest...the new title is "Complacency's Best." Songs: "Double Orgasm" by Tae Kwon Don't; "Rock All Night, Sleep All Day" by the Complacents.
The Curtain: The Major League Supercrimebusters are in the basement following a battle they don't remember, then can't think of a plan and begin to starve to death, all thanks to Bizarro Announcer Man. After the heroes figure it out, Announcer Man and Bizarro Announcer Man do battle. Announcer Man sends Dr. Nightmare and Captain Patriot spiraling backward through time, the real announcer of the show gives Bizarro Announcer Man laryngitis, and the Curtain and Mini-Blinds are welcomed into the Major League Supercrimebusters.
Trigger Firearms Commercial: We couldn't convince the NRA to give us any money.
Episode Six..."Boot Complacents" 11/11/95
The Complacents: Adrien Creamsicle has been moonlighting as a giant chicken, and Quonset Hut Pizza's business is hurting due to a new pizza restaurant opening across the street, run by the General's old nemesis, Kaiser Schustoffle. The Complacents suggest that they play at Quonset Hut Pizza every night to bring in more business. Quonset Hut's chef cuts off the chicken-costumed head of Adrien Creamsicle. There's a lot of confusion, the Quonset Hut is ruined, and the Complacents go to the General's boot camp as Adrien goes to the hospital to have his head reattached. The Complacents manage to survive a morning at the boot camp, and then Fig inadvertently saves the General from an exploding pizza sent by the Kaiser. The Kaiser falls on his helmet in the fracas (and in the heart, presumably), the General moves his operations to the Kaiser's pizza restaurant while the Quonset Hut is being rebuilt, and the Complacents get promoted to Brigadier General and become the Quonset Hut Pizza house band. Not only that, but "Complacency's Best" is being cancelled. It's the best day of Adrien's life...but his head has been reattached to a woman's body! Song: "Length of Chain"
The Curtain: Curtis and Debbie continue the eternal "soda" vs. "pop" debate, as Dr. Nightmare and Dr. Patriot end up in Camelot. The Major League Supercrimebusters gather to watch World League Football, and Dr. Nightmare attempts to change the past.
Swilly Boy Beer Commercial: For when the Apocalypse comes.
Episode Seven..."Four Rooms Full of Complacents" 11/18/95
The Complacents: The members of the Complacents go to their respective homes for Thanksgiving. Fig agrees to help out his father at the volunteer firemen's carnival--it turns out he's the target at the "Dunk the California Queer" booth. Fred discovers that his brother has stolen every good idea he ever had. Gunnar has an appointment with his hairstylist, Algernon, in the kitchen of Quonset Hut Pizza. Gunnar goes to the dentist recommended by Algernon--namely, Algernon. Adrien goes to male strip club Manburger's Merryland for a business lunch with Agnew R. Durrows regarding a plagiarism suit by Tae Kwon Don't's record label; the joint is raided, and Adrien and Agnew end up in jail with the strippers. Alanis bails out Adrien and the General (in jail for murdering the Kaiser). Song: "Behind the Prison Fence"
The Curtain: Announcer Man has sent Dr. Patriot, Dr. Nightmare, Lady Guinevere, and Sir Lancelot forward in time somewhere.
Preempted 11/25/95
Episode Eight..."A Complacents Carol" 12/2/95
The Complacents: Adrien Creamsicle is fired after getting pregnant, and all of the Complacents' possessions are repossessed; meanwhile, Agnew R. Durrows is visited by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come, and has a change of heart. Song: "Oh Ho Ho Holy Night"
The Curtain: Curtis and Debbie sit in their Manhattan apartment sipping egg nog, but there's a sudden rash of Christmas Eve burglaries, the work of the evil Bizarro Santa Claus. The Curtain and Mini-Blinds defeat the evil Bizarro Santa Claus and rescue the real Santa Claus from the South Pole. Meanwhile, Drs. Nightmare and Patriot and Lady Guinevere and Sir Lancelot find themselves back in the year 0, staying in the same stable as a certain young couple.
Tae Kwon Don't Christmas Message: Thanks for buying all those records!
Episode Eight and a Half..."Figs in Space" 12/9/95

Episode Nine..."Labour d'Adrien" 1/6/96
The Complacents: The Complacents are playing the final show of their first tour, opening for Lunchbox. After a search for Gunnar, they only have five minutes to play. Adrien's pregnancy, now in the advanced stages, has made him increasingly emotional, including when Agnew R. Durrows visits and suggests one-song concerts from now on. Meanwhile, the Complacents go to Quonset Hut Pizza, but are chased off by a shotgun-wielding General. So they go instead to the chicken restaurant, where Adrien used to work. Since the U.S. has run out of chicken, the poultry pizza is topped with kangaroo. The Complacents notices that the manager, Fanny, has a woman's head and a man's body--Adrien's. They rush to the hospital to switch Adrien's and Fanny's bodies, but then Adrien goes into labor. It's a beautiful bouncing baby. Adrien wakes up, hours later, with his old body back--and the baby is with its mother. Adrien vows to fight for custody. Songs: "Kissy Kissy Kissy", "Adrien Gives Birth"
The Curtain: Curtis puts away the nativity scene, and notices that Lady Guinevere and Sir Lancelot dolls have mysteriously appeared. Announcer Man drops by with a Christmas card from Captain Patriot for Curtis, and somehow manages to bring the four time travelers to the Arizona desert in 1969, where NASA is rehearsing for the moon landing.
Rock 'n' Bowl Commercial: It's the ballsiest place around.
Episode Ten..."The Complacents Court" 1/13/96
The Complacents: The Complacents check out the Internet. Meanwhile, Adrien decides to represent himself at his custody hearing. The hearing, of course, goes badly for Adrien. At lunch, the Complacents see the General going into Bankruptcy Court. Hmmm... Fig accidentally ends up in the jury room, giving Adrien hope that he'll sway the jury to his side. The judge's Solomon-like decision doesn't work, so the trial continues, and continues to go badly for Adrien. There's a lot of support on the Internet for the Complacents, which brings Adrien out of his depression, and he doesn't care if he gets to keep the baby or not--which is good, since the jury finds that Fanny Hardy is not only the mother, but also the father, because Fig got a little mixed up. By the way, did Johnny get married to the bassist from Lunchbox?Song: "Snow Day"
The Curtain: With Dr. Patriot gone for six weeks, Lady Victory becomes head of the Major League Supercrimebusters. Bizarro Monkey Boy and Blitzkrieg Man are on a crime spree, and there might be a crime boss controlling their actions. Back in their apartment, Curtis and Debbie are visited by their crotchety landlady, Mrs. Hugglebum. The next morning, the superheroes are tipped off by "S.S." to come to a warehouse, where Benevolent Girl opens a crate containing Chet the Man-God. Meanwhile, in the Arizona desert, the moon lander prop has been left behind by NASA. Dr. Patriot places a call to his old friend, the Quantum Mechanic, who makes the moon lander into a really powerful moon lander that can travel to the edge of the galaxy and back, taking almost thirty years from Earth's perspective to do so.
Blindy, Roadie Without Fear: Searching for Fig's golden autoharp strings, Blindy discovers a doorway in the basement that leads to an enigmatic maze of tunnels. He ends up in a convenience store, inadvertently foiling a porn robbery in progress. Meanwhile, Bizarro Monkey Boy and Blitzkrieg Man are somehow involved in all this.
Episode Eleven..."The Complacents Should Not Throw Midgets" 1/20/96
The Complacents: Two girls have passed out backstage at a concert, but a quick-thinking Fred plays a British TV theme song and some Jackson 5 to wake them up and tell them all about his maze-designing career and how he's pretty much the driving force behind the Complacents. Meanwhile, Tae Kwon Don't head for the Lunchbox concert--unbeknownst to them, featuring opening act The Complacents. They take their places as close to the stage as possible, behind a group of midgets. And then the Complacents take the stage, prompting Tae Kwon Don't to throw midgets up at them, and the Complacents to throw the midgets back. The police come, and even Fred, the self-proclaimed creative genius behind the Complacents, is implicated in the midget-tossing incident. The judge, the same one from the previous episode, sentences the Complacents and Tae Kwon Don't to rehabilitation.
The Curtain: Chet the Man-God changes Benevolent Girl into Benevolent Boy, switches Curtis and Debbie's minds, and other nasty stuff. Meanwhile, Quantum Mechanic et al. overshoot the present and attempt to rehydrate some dehydrated vodka, while Curtis gets stuck in the toilet. While pulling him out, Dr. Nightmare is sucked out through the drain into the void of space. Lady Victory and Announcer Man defeat Chet; Sylvia, one of Curtis's neighbors, a.k.a. supervillainess Bloody Murder, plans to seduce Curtis.
Blindy, Roadie Without Fear: Blindy continues his search for Fred's golden autoharp strings, falling through an open manhole into the lair of Bizarro Monkey Boy and Blitzkrieg Man; an FBI agent interviews the convenience store clerk.
Episode Twelve..."Tae Kwon Don't Cry, Little Girl" 1/27/96
The Complacents: After a recap of last week's court appearance, the Complacents and Tae Kwon Don't have a group therapy session with Dr. Nancy. It doesn't work out.Song: "Peace Jam"
Blindy, Roadie Without Fear An unconscious Blindy goes back to the days when he played Little League baseball; the FBI agent is really an "X-Files" fanatic.
The Curtain: Dr. Patriot, Quantum Mechanic, Lancelot, and Guinevere land on the top of the Fortress of the Major League Supercrimebusters in the present day. Meanwhile, the Supercrimebusters realize the presence of Chet the Man-God at the warehouse was just a decoy. And still meanwhile, Swami Salami orders Bloody Murder to talk to Mrs. Hugglebum about Curtis' overdue rent, and interrogates the captured Blindy. As it turns out, Swami Salami and the Kaiser were able to escape from Hell, and are now attempting to destroy the Complacents and the General, respectively.
Fig in the Library: Fig has a run-in with the librarian and explains to another library patron how he keeps his place in the books he reads. Song: "In the Library"
Episode Thirteen..."Love Is a Many-Splendored Doo-Dad" 2/3/96
Los Satisfechos: We accidentally pick up the Spanish version of "The Complacents" for a few minutes.Song: "Theme from 'Los Satisfechos'"
The Complacents: The band plays a concert at the Village Park Mall. Gunnar's a little depressed, so Adrien asks Alanis to "keep an eye on" him, and everyone else scatters to various locations around the mall. In a series of short vignettes, Johnny tries to teach Fig about women; Fred and Adrien go clothes shopping; Gunnar and Alanis go to the movies; Fig's education continues, including an encounter with an admirer of Fred's; Gunnar hates it when he misses the previews; Fig finally finds someone who likes him and ditches Johnny; Fred goes to the arcade to play the new "Scarlet Letter" pinball game; Gunnar and Alanis get free movie passes to make up for the projection problems; Fig's new girlfriend Mitzi starts talking to Johnny, and decides she likes him better; the admirer of Fred's from earlier spots him at the arcade, and they end up going to his apartment; Fig spots Mitzi and Johnny on the carousel, and starts feeling depressed, but Alanis uses her free movie passes to "cheer him up."Song: "Theme from 'The Complacents' (Live Version)"
The Curtain: Curtis hasn't paid the rent because he's been spending all his money on superhero supplies, but he's invited Mrs. Hugglebum for tea and crumpets--oh, and she doesn't know Debbie's living with Curtis. Meanwhile, Blindy attempts to notify the Major League Supercrimebusters of Swami Salami's evil plot, but says the wrong thing to a police officer. While Curtis slips out the window to get a beer for Mrs. Hugglebum, Bloody Murder (a.k.a. Curtis's upstairs neighbor Sylvia) has Bizarro Monkey Boy and Blitzkrieg Man kidnap Mrs. Hugglebum, and slips Curtis a mickey. And meanwhile, some other supervillains have broken out of jail, and the rest of the Supercrimebusters head to put them back in, but they tell Dr. Patriot to take a hike. Unfortunately, the supervillians have the assistance of Swami Salami, and are teleported out during a prison riot, which the Supercrimebusters must attempt to stop.
Blindy, Roadie Without Fear: Blindy goes to jail and meets his legless cellmate.
Episode Fourteen..."Fred's A-Maze-Ing Adventure" 2/10/96
The Complacents: Fig heads off to school on the school bus driven by Mrs. Hugglebum and has a couple of run-ins with a bully which get him a detention, which makes him late for a band appearance. However, the other kids in detention don't like the direction the band is taking. Adrien is in a good mood until he finds out he's six hours late for work and that he's forgotten about the "Getting To Know Possibly Detrimental Influences on Our Children" interview. However, in addition to Fig's detention, Gunnar's off trying to clear his head, and Johnny's off in Europe with Mitzi. Fred's the only hope; Adrien finds him dressed as a minotaur in his basement maze with his new girlfriend Marla. Fred's nervous about performing solo for the community's parents, but it turns out to be a question-and-answer session. However, the first thing the parents want to know is what the Complacents' music sounds like. Fred sings, and the parents announce that they'll never allow their children to drink from the well of the Complacents' poison again. Songs: "It's A-Maze-Ing," "I Can Sing"
The Curtain: Swami Salami has Curtis trapped in his underground lair. At the prison riot/break, Announcer Man saves the day, sort of. The Major League Supercrimebusters don't get any respect, though, since those three supervillains teleported out of the prison. Swami Salami announces his plans to change the Curtain into Dark Curtain. Debbie searches for Curtis, and gives Dr. Patriot the pattern for Curtis's old Straightedge costume.
Try Church! commercial: Did you know that many churches give away free wine every week?
Blindy, Roadie Without Fear: Blindy's cellmate breaks out of jail, with the assistance of some stomach acid; Blindy is let out, since the end of the world is coming.
Episode Fifteen..."Return of the Kaiser" 2/17/96
The Complacents: Johnny and Mitzi go to Europe, but their plane is hijacked. Fortunately, he's rescued by the bass player from Lunchbox. Meanwhile, Fig, Gunnar, and Adrien end up at an empty Quonset Hut Pizza--turns out all their problems are Alanis's fault. The restaurant is empty because of some poltergeist- induced strangeness. The poltergeist traps everyone in the restaurant; Blindy walks in, relates his story, and realizes that the poltergeist is actually the Kaiser. The Kaiser agrees to leave the restaurant alone, and a customer shows up, attracted by the strange and interesting poltergeist. The General's next-door neighbor, the Cookie Cook, shows up with pizza. Let's have a party! Song: "Kaiser Permanently"
The Curtain: Bizarro Monkey Boy has kidnapped Mrs. Hugglebum. He gets set on fire, but finds a den of Cub Scouts who put him out. He starts having fun, but then Swami Salami summons him back to Manhattan with the assistance of Bizarro Announcer Man. Mrs. Hugglebum gets picked up by the show-tune singing Cornelius and Barnaby.
Episode Sixteen..."Tae Kwon Don't Kicks Ass" 2/24/96
The Complacents: Fig is doing his laundry in the basement of his building and singing a song to himself, which does not go unnoticed by Tae Kwon Don't's Bowser. Tae Kwon Don't, of course, steals the song. A week later, the same thing happens. Eventually, the Complacents figure out what's going on, and they give Fig a song to sing that Tae Kwon Don't is guaranteed to rip off. They do, and the state of Virginia Travel Bureau uses it in the advertisements--of course, it might be partially due to the magic of their manager, Swami Salami. Meanwhile, Fred is fired from "Mazes Monthly" magazine because of his moonlighting, Marla leaves him now that he won't be making any more mazes, and he doesn't get any respect from the rest of the Complacents. Feeling unappreciated, he leaves for the New Jersey of Fig's soul, wherever that is. Songs: "Meg's Shirt" by the Complacents, "Sex Hurt" by Tae Kwon Don't, "(Our Love Is Stronger Than) Kool-Aid" by the Complacents, "(Our Love Is Stronger Than) Cruel AIDS" by Tae Kwon Don't, "Virginia" by the Complacents, "Virginia" by Tae Kwon Don't
The Curtain: Swami Salami has captured Mrs. Hugglebum and prepares to turn the Curtain into Dark Curtain. Mrs. Hugglebum, who is in reality Swami Salami's daughter, helps the Curtain escape. Meanwhile, Dr. Patriot--now known as The Straightedge II--is grilled by the rest of the Major League Supercrimebusters. He passes their examination, but when he must put his straightedge powers to the test, he fails. Fortunately, Announcer Man inadvertently saves the day.
Episode Seventeen..."The Complacents Sell Out" 3/2/96
WNUR Phonathon episode
The Complacents: Fanny brings the baby by for Adrien to babysit. He gives the baby to the band to watch while he makes the supreme sacrifice--selling the band's songs to advertisers. But it turns out the baby can sing its own advertising jingles. In a somewhat unrelated story, Republican Presidential candidate Rufus T. Blakewater, the leading proponent of the sex tax, hires Tae Kwon Don't's Evil Otto as a speechwriter. Songs: "501 Jeans" by the Complacents, "Credit" by Frank Black, "Pizza" by Porno for Pyros, "Poop-Proof Diapers" by The Baby
The Curtain: Various superheroes are calling WNUR to pledge money; Announcer Man is off looking for Announcer Woman; and the minions of Swami Salami are creating havoc at the downtown department stores. There's a big battle, the minions are defeated, and the Curtain places a phone call to Adrien Creamsicle.
Episode Eighteen..."Super Problem, Super Heroes" 3/9/96
The Complacents: Adrien Creamsicle gets the message from Alanis that Swami Salami is preparing to defeat the Complacents. Swami Salami prepares to use his magic, but it turns out Bizarro Monkey Boy stole the Complacents' golden dental floss, not their golden autoharp strings. Adrien calls the Curtain back, and the Curtain tells him not to open the door to anyone, because it might be one of Swami Salami's operatives. However, there was a Girl Scout there earlier, who borrowed Fig's golden autoharp strings. Suddenly, Super-American crashes through the wall, followed by the rest of the Major League Supercrimebusters. The Complacents and the superheroes split up into teams to search for the Girl Scout. Fig screws up Announcer Man's attempt to seize power; Johnny Angelo comes on to Lady Victory; Adrien is disappointed by the superpowers of Quantum Mechanic and the Curtain. A representative from the ad agency shows up, and the baby won't sing for him; suddenly, Captain Killo and Bloody Murder show up and tie up everyone but Fred and the Curtain, who escape into the city sewers, which were actually designed by Fred. They end up in the convenience store, where they run into Bucky and Dr. Patriot, who agree to help save the Complacents. They defeat some robot clones of Tae Kwon Don't using Slurpees. They then trap Swami Salami in Fred's inescapable maze, and free Fig, Johnny and Gunnar, et al., so they can defeat the Swami's minions with rock 'n' roll. However, the music has damaged the Swami's secret hideout, forcing everyone to use the escape pods. The four Complacents end up in one together.... Songs: "Serta Baby Mattresses" and "Playboy Magazine" by The Baby, "Exactly How I Want To Feel" by the Complacents.

Episode Nineteen..."The Space Between Fig's Ears" 3/30/96
The Complacents: The escape pod carrying just about everyone lands safely on a cow, but the escape pod carrying the four Complacents has gone into outer space. They try to call Earth on the radio, but get the siren song of the Space Siren instead. Siren and Muse teleport into the pod seeking the assistance of the Complacents in battling the evil Space Czar. Meanwhile, Adrien gets General Failure's assistance in getting the Complacents down from orbit. He puts Adrien on a conference call with General Apollo at NASA, who can bring them back in October 1998. Mimi Hale, from "Celebrity Scoop" magazine, comes by to do an interview for a front-page feature article. Adrien attempts to pass off Blindy as Fred, Alanis as Fig, and himself as identical twins Johnny and Gunnar. Mimi Hale is scared off by "escaped mental patient" General Failure, who has a rocket launcher to deliver a glancing blow to the Complacents' pod. Song: "Completely Complacent" by Space Siren
The Curtain: The Major League Supercrimebusters are relaxing at the country club after their big battle with Swami Salami and his minions. On the way back to headquarters, they stop by Mr. Shammy's car wash. In his absence, the manager hired 90 buxom females to wash cars. Revenues are 100 times greater, but they're doing a bad job drying the cars because they no longer have Mr. Shammy's magic shammy--and the former car wash attendant, Buster, has been reduced to being a shoe shine boy. While announcing his decision to go back to the car wash, he falls into the automatic sponge squeezer.
Episode Twenty..."Band on the Run" 4/6/96
The Complacents: The rocket is fired, and it brings down the K-NEWS traffic helicopter. Agnew R. Durrows wants the Complacents to record another song quickly so their new album will be longer than Tae Kwon Don't's. So Adrien, Blindy, and Alanis decide to record a song themselves, after finally figuring out the combination for the safe in which Fig's special autoharp is hidden. They record a song, intending to use some studio trickery to make it sound more like the Complacents, but Agnew R. Durrows shows up and demands the tape immediately. In outer space, Siren teleports the rest of her crew into the pod, including a space troll, Astrobeard the pirate, Zixxon the cyborg computer expert, Bambi the skunk-tailed woman, and Whirlybird the dragon/bird. Fig falls in love with Bambi after she frees his face from the toilet, and it turns out her real name is Mi-Shell. The pod encounters two space cops at the border with the Intergalactic Federation of Empires, and manages to get past them thanks to the ventriloquism of Whirlybird. The cops are signaled, however, by the space troll. Songs: "Sock Monkey" by Adrien, Blindy, and Alanis, "Mi-Shell" by the Complacents.
The Curtain: The Major League Supercrimebusters free Mr. Shammy from the sponge squeezer using a rope made out of bikini tops and Lady Victory's costume. Mr. Shammy realizes that Buster's shoe shine rag can also be used to dry the cars, and so everyone's happy until two female cops show up. They send Buster out to wash their car so there won't be any indecent exposure arrests. However, Buster is arrested after spilling hot wax on his pants. Meanwhile, Announcer Man, Furry Kitten, and Quantum Mechanic go through a cosmic wormhole and meet Dark Nightmare. And also, Bucky goes to Major League Supercrimebusters Headquarters to tell the Curtain not to go back to his apartment, since Mrs. Hugglebum has hooked his doorknob up to a thermonuclear device, but is fooled into releasing Chet the Man-God.
Episode Twenty-One..."Just Like Buddy Holly" 4/13/96
The Complacents: It's been two weeks since the Complacents went into space, and Adrien breaks down and tells Agnew R. Durrows (temporarily using a voice synthesizer) that they might be dead. Fortunately, the Complacents' new album is selling extremely well, so Agnew R. Durrows decides to turn their upcoming world tour into a tribute tour. Since the Complacents are dead, Agnew R. Durrows sends over a new Flaming Highway Records signee band for Adrien to manage. It's Tae Kwon Don't. They record a song "in the style of the Complacents" for a Complacents tribute album. Adrien plans to perform some studio trickery on the song and destroy Tae Kwon Don't, just as the Complacents would have wanted. Meanwhile, the Complacents themselves have been captured by the Space Czar. Several of the Complacents' companions are defeated in the Space Czar's Arena Area; however, Mi-Shell presses The Button and all of the weapons which Space Czar has taken control of go off. Space Czar and Siren fall in love, and Siren creates a portal to Earth for the Complacents, which Whirlybird also goes through. But the Earth is all cold and dark, and the constellations are wrong. Siren didn't send the Complacents to the Earth, she sent the Earth to the Complacents. Song: "Little Jessica" by Tae Kwon Don't
The Curtain: Dr. Patriot meets a talking bilingual rat who recruits him to join a sideshow.
Episode Twenty-Two..."Fear of a Dark Planet" 4/20/96
The Complacents: Johnny Angelo's caught some disease that makes him sound funny. They find a newspaper that says they're dead, and believe they're on an alternate Earth. In fact, it's so alternate that Adrien Creamsicle is producing Tae Kwon Don't. The tribute album has gone triple platinum on pre-orders alone, so they have to keep pretending the Complacents are dead. Johnny gets worse, and then gets better, while Whirlybird scares away Tae Kwon Don't. Johnny can now transform himself into anything. But Agnew R. Durrows and Tae Kwon Don't are at the door. The Complacents hide inside Johnny, who has changed himself into a statue, but Blindy smells them. Because Johnny can do cool stuff, Tae Kwon Don't invite him to join, and he accepts. They drop Ridley to make room, and Agnew R. Durrows forces Adrien to accept Ridley into the Complacents. Song: "All the Pretty Stars in Space"
The Curtain: At Quonset Hut Pizza, the teleportation of the Earth means no more two-for-one pizza deals, and the Kaiser becomes evil again, not to mention omniscient. He and Blitzkrieg Man go on a rampage, but fortunately, Lady Victory happens by. Pimples flings himself and the two Germans into a fiery portal. Meanwhile, Announcer Man, Quantum Mechanic, and Furry Kitten are being held prisoner by Dark Nightmare, controller of all dark matter in the universe. He has created some supervillains made of dark matter, the Dark Gang: Dark Evan, Spacebird, and Dark Patriot. Fortunately, the planet Earth is teleported on top of Dark Nightmare, and the three heroes escape, and then defeat the Dark Gang...except for Spacebird, who Quantum Mechanic convinces not to destroy Earth. And still meanwhile, the Major League Supercrimebusters arrive back at their headquarters and notice the absence of Chet the Man-God, who tries to drive to his mother's house, but is worshipped as a god by the citizens of Manhattan after he warms it up and creates light. They line up at his throne to make requests of him. Benevolent Girl gets him to move the Earth back.
Preempted 4/27/96
Episode Twenty-Three..."Vox Creamsicli" 5/4/96
The Complacents: Alanis explains what's been going on to a National Enquirer reporter. Adrien gets back from a paintball match with Agnew R. Durrows with paint in his throat, making him sound completely different, just as they have to settle some creative differences between Gunnar and Ridley. They come to an understanding when they realize they're each the sensitive one. Meanwhile, after several ideas for getting the paint out of Adrien's throat fail, Fred has him inhale helium...but it ends up making Adrien sound funny for a week. Meanwhile, Tae Kwon Don't discover that, since Johnny can transform himself into a whole rack of instruments, they'll never need to play an instrument again and can play several shows a day. In the back room of the arcade where Johnny Angelo is about to play, Coily sees him trying to contact the Space Czar and mistakenly contacting Pimples in hell. Later, Lunchbox comes to the door of Tae Kwon Don't dungeon...but not to see Tae Kwon Don't, to see Johnny. They hug him, and he assimilates them, becoming the Angelo-Zixxon-Lunchbox Composite. Songs: "Cybernetic Love" by Johnny Angelo
The Curtain: Benevolent Girl has left the Major League Supercrimebusters to become Chet the Man-God's personal assistant. Meanwhile, the episode flirts with receiving a "parental discretion advised" warning, and Dr. Nightmare creates bizarro versions of some of the Supercrimebusters. Quantum Mechanic has converted the shower into an anti-matter shower so Spacebird can use it, but Super-American accidentally uses it. Quantum Mechanic and Spacebird go stand in line to see Chet the Man-God so he can put Super-American back together. Curtis and Debbie go back to their apartment building to pay their last month's rent, and meet up with a magically endowed Edna Hugglebum, who demands Curtis's life. They fake his death and ship him off to the California branch of the Major League Supercrimebusters.
Episode Twenty-Four..."Ch-ch-ch-changes" 5/11/96
The Complacents: Fig's off scouting locations for a new video, and the rest of the Complacents go out to look for him. They stop for a red light in front of Tae Kwon Don't dungeon, and Tae Kwon Don't reluctantly ask for their help. Fred realizes that Johnny wasn't infected by a virus, he was infected by Zixxon as part of a plot by Space Czar to take over Earth. Johnny begins to assimilate the rest of the cast, beginning with Tae Kwon Don't. The Complacents get the Angelo-Zixxon- Lunchbox Composite to reveal his plan for taking over the Earth so Space Czar can launch an attack against Siren...he wanted to put a digital signal that would drive the population insane on a CD. Now that he's going to assimilate all three bands, he can put out three different CD's...but Fig's not here. He's at the junkyard, according to Fred. The Composite transforms into a car to take them there, where Fred directs him under the giant electromagnet. As the magnet causes Zixxon's data to be erased, everyone is de-assimilated. Johnny is welcomed back to the Complacents, and Ridley is welcomed back to Tae Kwon Don't. It turns out Fig's in Atlantic City looking for a big red plastic hotel, and Whirlybird's hanging around the junkyard.
The Curtain: Benevolent Girl prevents Chet the Man-God from turning Quantum Mechanic into a chicken. He tries to trick Chet the Man-God into putting Super-American back together, but it doesn't work. Spacebird gets a chicken. Quantum Mechanic has to resort to a quick machine that makes Dr. Nightmare ask Chet the Man-God to reconstruct Super-American. His real wish is to change Benevolent Girl into Malevolent Woman and for her and Chet the Man-God to join him.
Pimples in Detroit: It turns out Pimples, the Kaiser, and Blitzkrieg Man aren't in hell, they're in Detroit, where they encounter the Detroit branch of the Major League Supercrimebusters, and are captured. Den Mother realizes they're not criminals, but sells them to the evil Big Gang.
Dr. Patriot in the Sideshow: Dr. Patriot has even put on a corset, but no one shows up for the sideshow; they're all in line to see Chet the Man-God.
Episode Twenty-Five..."Baby, Baby, Baby on Board" 5/18/96
The Complacents: It's a beautiful sunny day with only a few overdubs on the agenda. Fred has even finished counting all the holes in the soundproofing tiles, but Fig's been throwing darts. Fred realizes he can make a maze out of the holes in the tile. Fanny comes by to pick up the baby, which has been living in the ductwork for several months. Adrien sends Fig, Gunnar, and Johnny out for baby supplies. Gunnar goes to Quonset Hut Pizza to get a pizza for the baby. The General tells the story of how he came to run a pizza restaurant, which involved a secret German biological weapon. It turns out that the General's new cook, an ape named Priscilla, is Gunnar's old friend from the jungle. Fig, taking the baby for a walk, tries to find a place to have him washed, but the baby obliviously crawls through a construction site, and then through the zoo. Fortunately, Fig catches him shortly after he crawls through a car wash. Looking for baby clothes, Johnny Angelo takes a beautiful street flower vendor to a Mexican restaurant...but she belongs to that man Jose. They compete win her love through song. She picks Jose, even though Johnny's song sounds more Spanish. Gunnar brings Priscilla home, where she reveals that Gunnar is actually an Oxford University graduate who's been faking his artistic principles and indie cred this whole time. Oh, and his real name is Terrence. Agnew R. Durrows drops by with some exciting news...Fred, who was whistling while he made his maze, has been signed to a Flaming Highway Records recording contract. Songs: "Microwave Love" by Jose, "Donde Esta" by Johnny Angelo, "What's Gonna Happen Next Week?" by the Complacents.
The Curtain: Curtis comes back from California with Monkey Boy and Bizarro Blitzkrieg Man...and proposes marriage to Debbie, who's six months pregnant. Fortunately, Quantum Mechanic and Spacebird have the same idea, and so he builds a robot priest. Lady Victory wants to have a passionate affair with Johnny Angelo. Meanwhile, Dr. Nightmare and his gang of bizarro Supercrimebusters plot to defeat the Major League Supercrimebusters. Fortunately, Announcer Man learned a new trick for defeating bizarro versions of superheroes...unfortunately, his announcer powers are fading, because Bizarro Announcer Man stole his powers. Fortunately, Announcer Man plays his trump card, causing all the bizarro versions to disappear. But Chet the Man-God turns half of the Major League Supercrimebusters into the dark versions of themselves.
Pimples in Detroit: The Big Gang attempt to take Pimples, the Kaiser, and Blitzkrieg Man to their headquarters in suburban Grosse Pointe, but get lost. Fortunately, they come upon the circus sideshow which Dr. Patriot is a part of. The Detroit branch of the Major League Supercrimebusters happen by to see the sideshow. Dr. Patriot recognizes Den Mother from Major League Supercrimebusters Technical Institute; the problem, it turns out, is a lack of personnel at the Detroit branch. The other sideshow freaks are enlisted, and it turns out the missing Electromagnetic Wave and Corn Muffin were going undercover as members of the Big Gang. In fact, everyone in the Big Gang is on the side of good, not evil. Even Pimples is named an associate member of the Major League Supercrimebusters, and gets a train ticket back to California.
Preempted 5/25/96
Episode Twenty-Six..."All Complacent Things..." 6/1/96
The Complacents: It's the future, and Fred James is being interviewed by a reporter from U.S. Newsweek & Time Report on what he thinks is the 60th anniversary of his first maze appearing in print. The reporter, though, wants to know about the Complacents, the most influential band of all time. The story is told in flashback form. While Fred embarks on his whistling career, Adrien manages to get a game show called "Name That Complacents Tune" on the air for three weeks, and then a movie starring the Complacents is made, directed by Gunnar. After some production problems, it's released to overwhelmingly negative reviews. Then there's a Complacents joke book, edited by Johnny Angelo. Meanwhile, Agnew R. Durrows won't let Fred eat crackers or draw mazes, afraid of something happening to his million-dollar lips. Fred sleeps through the part of the story where Tae Kwon Don't break up due to artistic differences, leaving the Complacents free to record their comeback album, which flops, except for the single on which Fred appeared. The Complacents break up. Alanis becomes Fred's personal secretary, Gunnar goes to work for the CDC fighting the Ebola virus, Johnny ends up as a backup guitarist for Lunchbox, and Fig becomes a Metropolitan Water Reclamation District commissioner, with an office at City Hall and everything. Things are going well for Fred, until he has some champagne shortly before a New Year's concert broadcast worldwide...and the alcohol causes him to never be able to whistle again. He goes back to his job as a maze artist, and stays there until the last maze magazine stops publication. The Complacents get back together to perform at Adrien's funeral, which is presided over by the Reverend Blindy. Fred's interview is interrupted by the five o'clock news, which reports that former President Fig Collins was assassinated...by Evil Otto, who has already killed Johnny and Gunnar, and dressed up in a reporter costume so he could kill Fred. All because the Complacents lived happily ever after, and Tae Kwon Don't didn't. Evil Otto shoots Fred...but Fred is teleported away by the Space Siren, who invites him to rule the universe by her side, now that Space Czar kicked the bucket. Not only is Fred young again, and can whistle again, it turns out that since the universe is infinite, there are an infinite number of maze magazines to which he can submit mazes. So now he's living really happily ever after. Song: "You Are Going To Die"
The Curtain: Only Announcer Man, Lady Victory, and the Curtain are left to battle the villains. Dr. Nightmare, Chet the Man-God, and Malevolent Woman sabotage the nuclear core of the Major League Supercrimebusters headquarters. The Curtain sneaks into the air vents to find out the secret de-darkifying formula on the Major League Supercrimebusters computer system. He's discovered, and almost defeated, but uses his Curtain Boots to turn the tables. At last, he makes a de-darkifying gun and uses it to make Malevolent Woman into Benevolent Woman, and de-darkifies the heroes. Just as the nuclear blast is going off, Chet the Man-God captures the energy from the explosion. Spacebird swallows him, but is destroyed herself. Fortunately, Benevolent Woman eases Quantum Mechanic's pain. Upstairs, Dr. Nightmare has taken Debbie as a hostage. Curtis blasts him with the de-darkifying gun. A week later, Curtis Hambones marries Debbie Duncan in a ceremony presided over by the robot priest, and they all live happily ever after, although not quite as happily as Fred James.

The Returns of the Complacents

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