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Monday, January 22, 2007

New toy 

I've got a bunch of VHS tapes that I'd like to transfer to DVD. In order to accomplish this, I bought a device called the EyeTV Hybrid, a little box that hooks to a Mac and can take an analog video input (say, from the output of a VCR) and save it as a digital recording.

But it also has an over-the-air digital TV tuner built in. So that's what Paris Hilton looks like in high-definition!

I'm not particularly impressed. With Paris, I mean. The HD actually is pretty impressive (it's better "live" on my monitor than in the scaled-down image above) -- on this local newscast, there's an obvious difference in quality between actual HD content and everything else (i.e., everything that didn't come from one of the local station's cameras).

I may have to watch the Super Bowl while sitting in front of my computer.

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