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Monday, October 05, 2009

From the mind of Mr. Announcer 

Since the new "Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien" began, I'd been mystified by the unnatural-sounding inflection Andy Richter used when announcing himself in the opening. I finally made an audio clip to point this out, located here. (His usual line is "and I'm Andy Richter," but on this particular night, he left out the "and" for whatever reason.)

On the Friday, October 2 show, he finally changed his inflection to something that sounds much more natural to me: here's that clip.

Of course, it remains to be heard whether he'll stick with the new inflection.

I also wish his line was "And me, I'm Andy Richter" (kind of a tribute to the late Ed McMahon), and, especially, that he got to sit on the couch for all the segments after the monologue, the way he did back when he was on "Late Night" with Conan, rather than being across the floor at his podium.

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