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(Tran)scripts of Yer Az-Mar!

Tennessee Tuxedo starts a radio station

"Couldn't you at least get some walrus cereal?"...Aired March 7, 1994

Chilly the Weapon

"Where to? I don't know, just get me 500 airline tickets!"...Aired April 24, 1994

Arnold Weber Says Goodbye

"Our coach was retiring and our mascot was dead."...Aired December 9, 1994

Chilly the Cheetah vs. Michigan J. Frog

"Eleanor, there's a cat on the platform!"...Aired January 17, 1995

Good Morning, Waterworld

"It's currently 73 degrees, but cooler near the water."...Aired July 15, 1995

The Rampage of Tom Skilling

"If it sounds like a freight train, then it's a poisonous mushroom."...Aired August 12, 1995

Zephyr Cafe

"Ooh, these fast-food restaurants getting more and more like Wal-Mart every day."...Aired August 19, 1995

Fun With Legalities: The scripts contained on the pages which are linked to from this page are ©1994, 1995, or 1996 by either the author named or the performers. All rights reserved. Offer void where prohibited.

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