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Shows aired on WNUR-FM (89.3) Evanston-Chicago.

Time slot: Early Saturday 2:00-3:30 AM

Regulars (in alphabetical order)

Bob Conrad...Charles Foster Bates; Mr. Sucktoad
Jim Ellwanger...Mr. Announcer
Brian Lutz...Bruce the Comedy Writer; Cap'n Owen
Jeremy Morse...Siggy Llama
Levi Stahl...Cletus Warbat; Nibbles

Also Appearing

Maggie Bandur
Tony Becker
Lucas Hackett
Aaron Odland
Carolyn Sturgess

Episode One 4/1/95
Backstage: Morty Pavlov is headlining the first show, but he's not here yet
Bruce's Ideas: Sea-something; door-to-door salesman selling doors; table tennis using real tennis equipment
Siggy's Monologue
"The MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, Theses and Dissertations"
Musical Guest: Colorblind James Experience
The Amazing Kevin
Backstage: Kevin didn't work too well on radio; Morty Pavlov found; the real Morty Pavlov shows up
The Really Bad Stand-Up Comedian
Backstage: Really bad comedian was just a comedian from off the street
Cap'n Owen: Special guest parrot Orson Welles
The Seven Magnificent People: Diseased village
Siggy Llama: Siggy goes to the bank to get a toaster
Backstage: Morty Pavlov prepares to go on
Funnyman Morty Pavlov
Backstage: Morty Pavlov ran short
Musical Guest: Colorblind James Experience
The Sea-Food Sketch
The Door-to-Door Salesman Sketch
Musical Guest: Colorblind James Experience
Backstage: Filling up the time this week and in the future; sound effects girl only has two wooden sticks
Siggy plays "Row, Row, Row Your Boat," "Ana Ng," Vapo jingle on autoharp
Backstage: Discussion of the highs and the lows
Episode Two 4/8/95
Backstage: Siggy gets a leftover script from another show; Cletus Warbat is stuck in a clown suit
Bruce's Ideas: Swiss watchmaker makes counterclockwise-running watches; Scary game show; Sad sack, always losing keys, buys a key ring
Siggy's Monologue
Musical Guest: The Nelories
"Natural Preserve Killers"
Leftover sketch from "The Swilly Boy Beer Chevy Chase Show"
Backstage: Previous sketch ruined whole show; Cletus still stuck
Musical Guest: The Nelories
Calling 1-800 Collect
"Cool as Ice": The History of Curling
Musical Guest: The Nelories
Backstage: How was the curling sketch snuck in?; 1-800 sketch wasn't Bruce's
Musical Guest: The Nelories
"The Jerky Babies"
Siggy Llama: Siggy competes on "The $1,000,000 Rhombus"
Backstage: Good show this week; Cletus gets out of his clown suit
Episode Three 4/15/95
Backstage: No female voices tonight; various items are missing; Bruce pitches ideas to Mr. Sucktoad for the first time; baby Nibbles is found
Bruce's Ideas: Sad sack trying to become superhero is electrocuted; William Tell shoots son through the Adam's apple; O.J. song parody
Siggy's Monologue
Siggy Goes Skydiving
"The World Where Everyone's Name Was Melvin"
Cap'n Owen: Special guest parrot Bill Cosby; Cap'n Owen goes to the dentist
Musical Guest: Oil Can
The Seven Magnificent People: Search for Bloody Sam
Thompson Family Celebrates Easter
Backstage: Who slipped in that blasphemous sketch?; Problems with Bill Cosby
Musical Guest: Oil Can
"Chicago Tribune"
Siggy Llama: Siggy competes in a bake-off
Backstage: Nibbles is being friendly with Cletus; Bruce's scripts haven't been used; everyone but Siggy has a guaranteed contract
Episode Four 4/22/95
Backstage: Vapo Cigarette girl Patsy can play female parts; Siggy wants to close the show in a bathrobe, but Rich's bathrobe is pink; show is going out over the Western Baseball (WB) radio network; Mr. Announcer gives Siggy hand signals
Bruce's Ideas:
Siggy's Monologue
PSA: Support for the advertising arts
Cap'n Owen: Special guest parrot Norman Fell; Cap'n Owen gets a new tattoo
Backstage: The first sketch was really a PSA; Patsy doing a good job
"The Amazing Accountant Man"
Musical Guest: Drink Me
Backstage: One affiliate has dropped show; Bruce says no further sketches are offensive; Patsy dreams of glass and diamonds; another affiliate has dropped show
PSA: "Soda" vs. "Pop"
Siggy Llama: Siggy goes back to school
Backstage: More affiliates dropped show; Mr. Sucktoad can't read
Musical Guest: Drink Me
"The Jerky Babies"
Backstage: WB Radio Network went out of business; Patsy has to be let go
Episode Five 4/29/95
Backstage: Mr. Sucktoad tells Siggy about Russell Lehrer; Annie has her voice back; Bruce's comedy idea actually a ripoff
Bruce's Ideas: Man wants to become fireman instead of firefighter; world's ugliest man becomes superhero; sad sack has small pink penis
Siggy's Monologue: Appalachian Mountains fall on Siggy
Backstage: Rich's friend can fill in for Siggy; Sid the cleanup man appears
Musical Guest: Chaz and the Motorbikes
Russell Lehrer
Cap'n Owen: Special guest parrot Shari Lewis; Lambchop is taking over Shari's life
Backstage: Rich's friend Hank shows up; Hank practices being Siggy
Musical Guest: Chaz and the Motorbikes
Backstage: Nibbles bothers Sid; Nibbles' faith moves the mountains; Siggy has amnesia; Rich thinks Siggy is Hank; Siggy meets Hank in the men's room
"San Pedro Beach Bums"
Opening Day at Wrigley Field
Backstage: Nibbles explains what's going on; Test to see who's really Siggy; Both Hank and Siggy will play Siggy during next sketch
Siggy Llama: Siggy sues a fast-food restaurant
Backstage: Appalachians drop on Hank and Siggy; Siggy gets his memory back; Hank is really Rush Limbaugh
Episode Six 5/6/95
Backstage: Part of Bruce's walnut sculpture is missing; noise is coming from the walls; ratings are up due to Nibbles; contest to see who can trap the squirrel first
Bruce's Ideas: Baby version of world's ugliest man; human dartboard; man trapped in revolving door
Siggy's Monologue: Squirrel attacks Siggy
Cap'n Owen: Special guest parrot Bruce Jenner; trip to Izneeland
Musical Guest: Susan Smentek
"The Man Who Knows What You Want For Breakfast"
Backstage: Attempts to trap squirrel; Mr. Sucktoad is wearing his aunt's pants; last-minute script addition
Dr. Captain Science
Musical Guest: Susan Smentek
The Seven Magnificent People: Fish or loaf?
Backstage: Last sketch a little long; more attempts to trap squirrel; sending out the dancers
The Vapo Cigarette Dancers
Backstage: Differences of opinion about the dancers; Siggy's scream stuns the squirrel
Musical Guest: Susan Smentek
Siggy Llama: Trip to the zoo
Backstage: Siggy complains about last sketch; Bruce brings in dingos to hunt squirrel; dingos nibble Nibbles
Episode Seven 5/13/95
Charles Foster Bates interviews Bill Cosby
Backstage: Cletus's codpiece is missing; Rich found some old tapes to play; Cap'n Owen complains about not being on this week; Mr. Sucktoad brings new Aerosweet aerosol sweetener
Siggy's Monologue
"Conspiracy": The O.J. Simpson case
Musical Guest: Drink Me
Backstage: Everyone's addicted to Aerosweet; remembering Nibbles
Funeral for Nibbles
Dr. Captain Science
Musical Guest: Drink Me
"The Happy Woodland Creatures Show"
Backstage: Aerosweet has attracted ants; Bruce has gone blind
Musical Guest: Drink Me
Siggy Llama: Siggy's dancing lessons
Backstage: Aerosweet cans need to be shaken up
Episode Eight 5/20/95
Backstage: Attempting to set a record by doing 15 sketches quickly; Cletus has a cold; lots of media people around
Siggy's Monologue
Cap'n Owen: Special guest parrot Max Wright; real pirates take over radio station
Backstage: Ideas on getting rid of the pirates
World Record: 15 sketches in 3 minutes, 24 seconds
Musical Guest: Five Chinese Brothers
Vacuum cleaner salesman with unusual name
Backstage: Pirates still hanging around; Rich talks to the reporters
"The Tall-Tale Teller Tells All"
Musical Guest: Five Chinese Brothers
"I Witness 911 Sightings of America's Most Wanted Emergency Cops"
Backstage: Pirates are taking over; Cap'n Owen has left the building; Siggy tries to drive pirates away
Fish out of water
Musical Guest: Five Chinese Brothers
Siggy Llama: Siggy runs for mayor
Backstage: Cast walks the plank; Siggy confronts the pirates; Cap'n Owen was a double agent; studio has been demolished

The cast for Episode Eight (in WNUR's old Studio B): left to right, Bob Conrad, Lucas Hackett, a very tired Jeremy Morse, Tony Becker, Brian Lutz; not pictured, Jim Ellwanger.

Preempted 5/27/95
Episode Nine 6/3/95
Backstage: Siggy and Mr. Announcer attempt to read a letter from Hugh Jasper; digestion and excretion are on everyone's mind
Mr. Sucktoad goes to a talent agent
Backstage: Lawsuit means Vapo Cigarettes must be called "mint-like"
Backstage: There's no studio audience; problems with new studio
PSA: Helium
Musical Guest: Flat Old World
Backstage: Charles Foster Bates visits; that was Bizarro Cap'n Owen on the last show; cast visits Bizarro World
McClurg and Agent H2O
"The Tall-Tale Teller Tells All"
Musical Guest: Flat Old World
Backstage: Return from Bizarro World
"Three for the Road"
Siggy Llama: Mr. Announcer's Announcers' School
Backstage: Are we in Bizarro World?
Episode Ten 6/10/95
Backstage: Practicing opening song; Mr. Sucktoad wants more Vapo references in the skits; Cap'n Owen sketch needs cleaning up
Bruce's Idea: Retard leads soccer team to World Cup victory
Siggy's Monologue
Cap'n Owen: Special guest parrot Richard Simmons; Cap'n Owen leaves show
"News on the March": Cigarettes may cause harm
Backstage: Mr. Sucktoad tries to suppress the news; rush to remove cigarette references from skits
Siggy Llama: Siggy gets revenge
Musical Guest: The Ramones
America's Funniest Home Audio Recordings
"News on the March": Bulletin
Musical Guest: The Ramones
Backstage: Concern over the cigarette issue
"The Smelly, Smelly Man"
The Seven Magnificent People: The man with no name
"News on the March": Bulletin
The Seven Magnificent People (continued)
Backstage: Getting rid of cigarettes; Consolidated Limited, Inc. may have known about the problem all along
Musical Guest: The Ramones
World Cup
Backstage: Show is ruined; Cletus disposes of cigarettes; goodbye

The cast for Episode Ten (in WNUR's brand-new studio): Front, Jeremy Morse; back, left to right, Brian Lutz, Levi Stahl, Maggie Bandur, Bob Conrad, Tony Becker; not pictured, Jim Ellwanger.

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