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Asterisk next to edition name indicates I personally purchased it on the newsstand (or saved my own subscription copy)

Issue # Date Cover Edition Notes
2190 3/18/95 Roseanne, Tim Allen, Oprah Winfrey & Jerry Seinfeld New Mexico (NJ)*  
2191 3/25/95 David Letterman Los Angeles Metropolitan (LA)*  
2202 6/10/95 Summer Preview Flint-Lansing  
2215 9/9/95 Paul Reiser, Kelsey Grammer & Garry Shandling North Dakota (ND)  
2216 9/16/95 Fall Preview Western Washington State paid $4 in 2000
2231 12/30/95 Danny Wuerffel & Tommie Frazier Kansas City (KC)  
Danny Wuerffel & Danny Kanell Tampa-Sarasota (SR)*  
2239 2/24/96 Tori Spelling Staten Island Cable (SI)  
2243 3/23/96 Mel Gibson, Sharon Stone, Brad Pitt & Babe the Pig Southern Alabama (SA)*  
Tampa Bay Cable (TB)*  
Vermont (VT)  
2249 5/4/96 Whitney Houston Maine (ME) Writing on various pages
Knoxville-Chattanooga (KX)  
Western Illinois (WL)  
2250 5/11/96 Tom Selleck & Courteney Cox Chicago Metropolitan (CG)*  
Illinois-Wisconsin (WI)*  
2252 5/25/96 Heather Locklear Missouri (MO)  
2256 6/22/96 Conan O'Brien Nebraska (NB)  
Northern Wisconsin (NW)  
2257 6/29/96 100 Most Memorable Moments in TV History Greater Omaha (OM)*  
Tampa-Sarasota (SR)*  
2258 7/6/96 Gillian Anderson Salt Lake (UT)*  
Southern Colorado (CO)*  
2259 7/13/96 Jerry Mathers & Barbara Billingsley San Diego (SD)*  
Tampa-Sarasota (SR)*  
2275 11/2/96 Michael Jordan Dallas-Fort Worth (DF)  
2283 12/28/96 Gary Barnett & Pat Fitzgerald Chicago Metropolitan (CG)  
Steve Spurrier Tampa-Sarasota (SR)*  
2303 5/17/97 X-Files cast Albany (AB)  
MediaOne Hudson Valley (CW)  
Time Warner-Greater Boston (GB)  
Hartford-New Haven (HR)  
New Hampshire (NH)  
Springfield-Chicopee-Holyoke (SH)  
TCI of Northern New Jersey (UA)  
2304 5/24/97 Kim Delaney Syracuse acquired in 1999
2311 7/12/97 Hank Hill, Daria, and Dr. Katz South Texas (SX)  
2314 8/2/97 Jeff Gordon Greenville-Spartanburg-Asheville (GS)  
2316 8/16/97 Elvis Presley (Cover #1) Tampa-Sarasota (SR)*  
Elvis Presley (Cover #2) Oregon State (OR)
Elvis Presley (Cover #3) Northern California (CN)
Elvis Presley (Cover #4) San Francisco Metro (FR)
2318 8/30/97 Derrick Brooks & Trent Dilfer (Tampa Bay Bucs) Orlando*  
Keenan McCardell & Jimmy Smith (Jacksonville Jaguars) Northern Florida (NF)*
South Georgia (SG)*
Sam Mills & Lamar Lathon (Carolina Panthers) South Carolina (SC)*
Charlotte (CR)*
Terry Allen & Gus Frerotte (Washington Redskins) Central Virginia*
Jerome Bettis & Kordell Stewart (Pittsburgh Steelers) West Virginia (WV)*
Pittsburgh Metropolitan (PG)*
Joey Galloway (Seattle Seahawks) Puget Sound Cable (SE)
Eddie George & Steve McNair (Tennessee Oilers) Bristol-Kingsport-Johnson City (KG)
2319 9/6/97 Returning Favorites Portland (PO)  
2320 9/13/97 Fall Preview USSB Mountain (UM)  
West Texas (WX)  
2321 9/20/97 Princess Diana Adelphia-Western Pennsylvania (AW)*  
2322 9/27/97 Drew Carey Minneapolis-St. Paul  
Shreveport-Texarkana (SV)  
Time Warner-Pinellas County (TP)  
Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell (Houston Astros) Houston (HO)  
2323 10/4/97 Gregory Hines Comcast Cable (Sacramento) (SM)  
Louisiana (LU)  
2324 10/11/97 Ellen DeGeneres North Texas (NX)  
Oklahoma City (OK)  
Adelphia Southwest Virginia (AK)  
Adelphia Northern Vermont (AQ)  
2325 10/18/97 Melissa Joan Hart Youngstown-Erie*  
Time Warner-Northeast Ohio (AC)*  
2328 11/8/97 Terry Farrell Adelphia Ocean County  
2329 11/15/97 Gillian Anderson, Chris Carter & David Duchovny Santa Barbara-Bakersfield  
MediaOne Corona-Pomona-Riverside (CJ)  
MediaOne Costa Mesa-Santa Clarita-Tujunga (CT)  
MediaOne Southeast Los Angeles (CU)  
San Diego-Cox Cable (CX)  
Coachella Valley (CY)  
MediaOne Greater Los Angeles (CZ)  
Eastern Washington State (WE)  
2330 11/22/97 Jenna Elfman Nevada (NV)  
USSB Eastern (UE)  
2333 12/13/97 Peri Gilpin Adelphia Ohio (AO)  
Detroit (DT)  
Toledo-Lima (LM)  
Northern Ohio (ON)  
2337 1/10/98 Winter Preview Southeast Texas (EX)  
2340 1/31/98 Yasmine Bleeth Fresno  
Western Massachusetts (WM)  
Pacific Time Zone (EW)  
2341 2/7/98 Tommy Moe MediaOne Fresno (FN)  
2342 2/14/98 Jenna Elfman and Thomas Gibson Baltimore (BL)*  
David Pearson and Jeff Gordon Southeast Pennsylvania (SP)*  
2345 3/7/98 Patrick Stewart Pittsburgh Metropolitan (PG)*  
Joshua Jackson Gulf Coast  
James Van Der Beek MediaOne Northern California  
Michelle Williams Adelphia Dade County (AD)  
Central Time Zone (EC)  
Harry Caray Chicago Metropolitan (CG)  
2347 3/21/98 Oscar Preview Adelphia Virginia-Carolinas (AH)  
2348 3/28/98 "South Park" Washington (DC)*  
2349 4/4/98 45th Anniversary Pittsburgh Metropolitan (PG)*  
2350 4/11/98 Madonna USSB Central (UC)  
2352 4/25/98 Peta Wilson New Jersey Cable (NJ)  
2353 5/2/98 Matthew Perry Time Warner Manhattan (MH)  
2356 5/23/98 Summer Movie Preview Las Vegas (LV)  
2358 6/6/98 Magic Johnson Reno (NV)  
2359 6/13/98 Jensen Ackles, Laura Wright and Ingo Rademacher Montana (MT)  
2361 6/27/98 Hanson Cleveland Metropolitan (CL)*  
2363 7/11/98 TV's 50 Greatest Sports Moments Columbus Metropolitan*  
2364 7/18/98 Brandy MediaOne Stockton  
2369 8/22/98 Vivica A. Fox and Thomas Gibson Eastern Illinois (EL)  
Grand Rapids  
2370 8/29/98 Bruce Smith (Buffalo Bills) Adelphia New York-Pennsylvania (BF)*  
Buffalo Metropolitan*  
Western New York State (SW)*  
Isaac Bruce (St. Louis Rams) St. Louis (ST)  
Gus Frerotte (Washington Redskins) Eastern Virginia  
Glenn Foley (New York Jets) Long Island (LI)  
Brett Favre (Green Bay Packers) South Mississippi  
2379 10/31/98 Steve Burns and Blue Tucson paid $4 in 2000
2383 11/28/98 Kristen Johnson Philadelphia (JP)*  
Pittsburgh Metropolitan (PG)*  
Optimum TV Bronx/Brooklyn (D1)  
2384 12/5/98 Hollywood Hogan Eastern Virginia (EV)  
Long Island (LI)  
Optimum TV Long Island (D7)  
Stone Cold Steve Austin Pittsburgh Metropolitan (PG)*  
2389 1/9/99 Winter Preview Detroit Metro (E7) paid 50 cents in 2004
2394 2/13/99 Jeff Gordon Central Mississippi (CM) acquired in 1999
2395 2/20/99 Brad Garrett, Patricia Heaton and Ray Romano Pittsburgh Metropolitan (PG)*  
2396 2/27/99 Tina Majorino and Martin Short Central Indiana*  
2397 3/6/99 "7th Heaven" cast Los Angeles Metropolitan (LA)*  
Kentucky (KY)  
2398 3/13/99 Jenna Elfman and Matthew McConaughey Time Warner-Tampa Bay (TB)  
2401 4/3/99 Bender ("Futurama") Orlando (OL) Acquired in 2002
2406 5/8/99 Camryn Manheim Northern Michigan (MI) Acquired in 1999
2411 6/12/99 Jar Jar Binks Kansas State (KS) Acquired in 1999
2415 7/10/99 Chris Rock MediaOne Oak Park (Illinois) (F4) Acquired in 1999
Los Angeles Metropolitan (LA)*  
2422 8/28/99 Mike Alstott Time Warner-Pinellas County (TP)  
2423 9/4/99 Returning Favorites Brooklyn-Queens (BQ)  
MediaOne Southeast Los Angeles (CU)*  
Memphis (MM)  
Omaha (F8)  
Los Angeles (J9)*  
2424 9/11/99 Fall Preview MediaOne Greater Los Angeles (CZ)*  
Hawaii (HA)  
2425 9/18/99 Faith Hill Northern Alabama (NA)  
Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon Greater Houston (O8)  
2426 9/25/99 Best New Shows of the Season Coachella Valley (CY)*  
2433 11/13/99 Pierce Brosnan Paragon Portland (O3)  
2434 11/20/99 David Boreanaz AT&T Cable Services Greater Portland (O2)  
2439 12/25/99 Dennis Haysbert, Eric Colse, and Margaret Colin Los Angeles Metropolitan (LA)*  

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