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Asterisk next to edition name indicates I personally purchased it on the newsstand (or saved my own subscription copy)

Issue # Date Cover Edition Notes
2440 1/1/00 (Older) Elvis Presley Los Angeles Metropolitan (LA)*  
2447 2/19/00 Sarah Michelle Gellar Bakersfield (BK)*  
2454 4/8/00 George Clooney Cablevision Yonkers (D8) Acquired in 2003
2456 4/22/00 Dixie Chicks Iowa (IA)  
2460 5/20/00 Donny and Marie Osmond Denver (DV)  
2461 5/27/00 "Survivor" North Dakota (ND)  
2462 6/3/00 Britney Spears Santa Barbara-Ventura (SB)*  
2466 7/1/00 Jack Haley Jr. West Virginia (WV)  
Judy Garland Central Pennsylvania (CP)  
2468 7/15/00 Anna Paquin Austin (AT)  
2470 7/29/00 Katherine Heigl New York Metropolitan (NY)  
2477 9/16/00 Jenny Thompson Arkansas (AR)  
2479 9/30/00 Fall Preview Los Angeles Metropolitan (LA)*  
Cablevision Westchester (D4) Acquired in 2002
2491 12/23/00 Gone with the Wind ("The Dashing Scoundrel") Orlando*  
Gone with the Wind ("Dressed for the Twelve Oaks Barbecue") Tampa-Sarasota (SR)*  
Gone with the Wind ("Embracing a Classic") Time Warner Tampa Bay (TB)*  
2499 2/17/01 Kyle Petty Pennsylvania-New York (PY)  
2500 2/24/01 Judy Garland Adelphia Northern Vermont (AQ)  
2511 5/12/01 Marilyn Monroe Dallas-Fort Worth (DF)  
Mountain Satellite (UM)  
2519 7/7/01 Galen Gering, Juliet Mills, and McKenzie Westmore Los Angeles Metropolitan (LA)*  
Bozo the Clown Chicago Metropolitan (CG)  
2525 8/18/01 Kelly Ripa Madison  
Milwaukee Metro  
2529 9/15/01 Fall Preview Los Angeles Metropolitan (LA)*  
2531 9/29/01 Terror Hits Home Los Angeles Metropolitan (LA)*  
2534 10/20/01 Jessica Alba and Michael Weatherly Time Warner Tri-County (TT)  
2542 12/15/01 Orlando Bloom and Cate Blanchett Pittsburgh Metropolitan (PG)  
2543 12/22/01 Al Hirschfeld, "May It Ever Wave" Adelphia Southeast Florida (AF)  
2545 1/5/02 "Carol Burnett Show" cast Houston (HO)  
2549 2/2/02 Bernie Mac Adelphia Cleveland Heights (G5) paid $1.00 in 2003
2550 2/9/02 Michelle Kwan Memphis (MM)  
2556 3/23/02 Halle Berrry, Russell Crowe, Ethan Hawke, Marisa Tomei Hawaii (HA)  
San Francisco Metropolitan (FR)  
2558 4/6/02 TV We'll Always Remember Los Angeles Metropolitan (LA)  
2560 4/20/02 Jeri Ryan Los Angeles Digital (TH)*  
2562 5/4/02 Greatest Shows of All Time Adelphia Southern California Digital Debut of new edition
2564 5/18/02 Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny San Francisco County (FS)*  
Annabeth Gish and Robert Patrick Santa Clara County (FT)*  
2566 6/1/02 Ashley Judd North Texas (NX)  
2568 6/15/02 50 Greatest Covers of All Time Adelphia Southern California Digital*  
2573 7/20/02 50 Worst Shows of All Time Adelphia Southern California Digital*  
2583 9/28/02 50 Sexiest Stars of All Time Adelphia Southern California Digital*  
2585 10/12/02 Mekhi Phifer, Maura Tierney, Goran Visnjic, Noah Wyle Eastern North Carolina (RD) paid 50 cents in 2004
2586 10/19/02 TV's Richest Stars Brooklyn-Queens (BQ)  
New York Metropolitan (NY)  
2595 12/21/02 Shaquille O'Neal Long Island (LI)  
2617 5/24/03 Willie Nelson Mountain (EM) paid 50 cents in 2004
2624 7/12/03 Anthony LaPaglia and Poppy Montgomery Adelphia Southern California Digital*  
Sammy Sosa and Frank Thomas Chicago Metropolitan (CG)*  
2626 7/26/03 Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks Eastern (EE)  
2627 8/2/03 Tony Sirico Southeast Pennsylvania (SP) Experimental redesigned issue
2633 9/13/03 Fall Preview Adelphia Southern California Digital* No-longer-experimental redesigned issue
2634 9/20/03 "Welcome to Your New TV Guide" Adelphia Southern California Digital*  
2651 1/17/04 "All-Star Survivor": Chapera Tribe Los Angeles Metropolitan (LA) Promotional giveaway issue with special "The Bona Fide Hit of the New Season" cover
2657 2/28/04 Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, and Viggo Mortensen DirecTV Pacific (UP)*  
2662 4/3/04 Where Are They Now? DirecTV Pacific (UP)* 8-day listings issue
2663 5/2/04 Paul Teutel Sr. and Paul Teutel Jr. Cablevision Long Island (D7)  
2667 5/9/04 Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke Bright House Networks Tampa Bay (TB)*  
2669 5/23/04 Dr. Phil McGraw Comcast Hartford Digital (HD)  
Cablevision Connecticut (E6)  
2670 5/30/04 "The Simpsons" Comcast Costa Mesa-Santa Clarita-Tujunga-Tustin (CT)*  
Sarah Michelle Gellar Comcast Greater Los Angeles (CZ)*  
Boston-Providence (BS)  
Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny Comcast Boston Area (CB)  
2671 6/6/04 Brooke Burns Nevada State (NV)*  
2685 9/12/04 Fall Preview (Heather Locklear) DirecTV Pacific (UP)*  
2707 2/13/05 (Younger) Johnny Carson Comcast Southern California Digital (CZ)*  
2737 9/11/05 Fall Preview DirecTV Pacific (UP)*  
2741 10/9/05 Reba McEntire DirecTV Pacific (UP)* 8-day listings issue; final issue with local listings
Conan O'Brien and Howdy Doody Adelphia Southern California Digital (AZ)*

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